Sunday, June 15, 2008

damn man...

my dog bit the neighbor i dont know on the arm a couple of good ones this morning.... we will see what level of shit storm this brings down upon me.... fuck.


Leah said...

Oh, IV, that be honest, my dog has bitten a couple of times in the past. The most recent was a man who happened by our house. I guess he seemed a bit menacing, and Pippin took a lovely bite of his thigh. Luckily, the man kept walking after we apologized profusely...I don't know, dogs bite sometimes, you know? Maybe that's callous, but I say, as long as he didn't take a chunk out of a toddler's face, hey, live and let live.

I hope there's no shit storm.

MJ said...

Why couldn't your dog have chosen some of the fuckwits you have to deal with at work?

Robyn said...

IV! Oh goodness...I am so sorry bud! Maybe this will blow over...but maybe your dog had good reason! I seem to believe that more the case *grin* pooch has no prob taken out someone who is not no dog lover!
Hugs and come for a visit!

kylie said...

no mj, you dont want dogs biting fuckwits...intelligent people are reasonable whereas f***wits are ....well....f***wits

iv i hope it all blows over ok. our dog would lick a person to death but he has cost me small fortunes in pound fees so i know they can be a handful

BBC said...

Oooooooo, that is not a good thing. I think I would get a different dog. Thankfully my cats don't bite anyone, they hide from all strangers.

hnter1018 said...

I got bit by a co-workers rottie a few years back. I was down petting it when I saw the "look" and stood up. The dog took my hand in its mouth without breaking skin. As soon as the owner freaked out thats when she put the hole in my hand. I used common sense knew it was an accident I was in the dogs space. Hopefully your neighbor will look at it the same way and not be a dick about things

Good luck!!!

denim said...

another shit ball. damn dude.

i meant to call you and wish you a happy fathers day too.

ya, you are.

so kudos on being dad for the little cheese's.




Anonymous said...

I bit a co-worker of mine one time...he deserved it.

Sorry about the impending shit storm...I hope it passes quickly and doesn't leave too much damage. If your neighbor gets out of hand, just bite him.

FirstNations said...

don't they still have the 'one bite' rule in cali? i say smoke the guy up STAT. or at least move some plants over to his side of the line and then call the DEA on his ass if he complains about your dog.

yeah, thats how i think.

Suzanne said...

You know how dearly I love dogs and cats, so I always think it's the human being when something goes terribly wrong.

Unfortunately, my youngest brother was raking leaves in the yard when he was around 16 or 17 and the dog from a neighbor's house ran down the hill and attacked him. My brother loved dogs, would never do anything to harm, intimidate or hurt them. He got the crap kicked out of him and ended up in the emergency room and faced a few years of plastic surgery. It was horrible, but more than that, he lost his faith in dogs and is still scared of them. That's how awful it was. I respect him however, because he told officials he absolutely DID NOT want the dog put down. My parents sued only because the medical bills and surgeries were insanely expensive, and the neighbor's encouraged them to do so because their home owner's insurance would pay the bills. My brother also got a modest settlement, but he's never touched, invested or acknowledged it. For him it's a very painful memory and money wasn't the "fix" he needed. I think he just wanted an apology from the dog. He'd grown up with the dog and loved him, so I think that's what hurt and has never made sense.

I wish you luck with this one Zack. I love Hnter1018's response. He understood his bite from the dog's perspective (I knew I liked that guy for a reason!). Hopefully your neighbor is fine or will be fine and everything will slide under the radar. Keep us informed.


Cecile said...

Well, most of the time dog bite only when provoked, or if they feel that someone has invaded their space. But there are other instances where something snaps in the brain and just causes them to go haywire. I hope this is just an isolated incident and the neighbor let's it slide. I have a pit as well, so I understand your delima. They have such a bad reputation for all of the wrong reasons. I like to think that my Javie dog would not hurt a flea, but she got out at Christmas time and was barking and growling quite ferocisly at our numbnuts neighbor from across the street. He and his friend were antagonizing her. My husband comfronted them and a small fued ensuded. But things have a way of working themselves out, and we are able to live side by side peacefully. And the dog came back inside with out causing bodily harm. Hope you don't get any shit on your shoes from the shit storm.

Manuel said...

deny everything and lie..........that's what jesus teaches us.......and GWB