Wednesday, June 25, 2008

we are fine

it funny how shit always flies at the same time in the same direction! first our water was a problem, now our home phone is on the blink, then today they shut my cell phone off. i called and they had no idea why? i haven't even received this months bill yet. then they told me that my next bill would have a thirty six dollar reconnection fee attached to it? what? hello? so after thirty minutes of sitting on the side of the highway and going from dept. to dept. i finally get the charges reversed and "have a nice day? what?
anyway, the fire is just consuming everything in its path and they have all but stopped fighting it. they wont go up or onto roads with no access to a way out other than the way in. they aren't trying to stop its path anymore either... so homes are burning. its all the way into the south coast now and they have evacuated my friend wango. they are not letting anyone(hardly) down the highways and there are more pieces of equipment sitting on the side of the road than are fighting the fire... sitting there, doing nothing... idling away the hours... its so disheartening and frustrating...
that's all folks and as of now we are in the clear and aren't in any immediate danger... lots of good thoughts to you all and thanks for all your support and prayers... i will be back to normal blogging habits soon!!!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that you should NEVER check a baby's diaper that way.

Phew! Glad to hear you all are doing well. I went to check out the fire webcam. Just see a bunch of smoke but some of the shots are frightening, especially from this past Sunday night. SCARY!

Hang tight you guys...we'll also be praying for the firefighters.


Just Bob said...

Keep hanging in their IV. Us folks up in San Jose are pulling for y'all down there.

~Just Bob~

MJ said...

Phew! It's a relief that you're out of danger.

I hope you get everything else straightened out soon.

Gig said...

Thanks for checking in and keeping us updated...cell phones can be great but...the companies can be a pain in the azz!!

Take care, we'll keep the good vibes comin your way!!

Anonymous said...

My mom sent me some crazy photos from Wangoe's place today. SMOKEY!!! I'm super relieved that everyone is okay, despite all the shitiness.

Also, your phone almost made me deaf in my good ear last night. Holy shit, that's some static. Life will get better... or have a beer.


hnter1018 said...

I had to laugh at the picture. I found out early from my own mistakes a few things and one of the best tips I could pass on to new Dads is if you think...even though you can't see it...that maybe your finger has been in contact with the baby not smell your finger, Just go wash your hands.

Anyways...hope all is well. I saw something this morning that a Big Sur fire was heading for 500 homes. Is this a new one?? ot the one that is moving away from you


the two fires have merged and are now moving basically in all directions... they have stated that they will be reopening all the old fire cuts... (where they have bull dozed the earth on mountain ridge tops). the one to the north end of the fire is the "skinner ridge" cut, thats the one our house looks at in our front yard... i just wish these people would start fighting the fire and not just watching it burn....

Suzanne said...

Sorry it's taken all day to get here, but this bad air quality is making me so sick. I thought yesterday was horrible, but today's worse.

I listened to local as well as national news this morning and it was obvious the fire was moving directly to Big Sur. I was so worried I couldn't write to you. Why they've stopped trying to contain it, I don't know? Perhaps the theory is it will finally stop when it reaches the ocean.

Please stay safe. Thanks for the link. I took a look, but honestly, wasn't able to watch much because it brought back too many memories of Malibu fires.

Talk to you soon,
XO to all