Wednesday, June 04, 2008

sorry just another funny picture for today kids

i found this one a while ago and was perusing the documents section of the computer that's not mine and i guess i stashed it in another folder... i thought it was a pretty good one! anyways, its wicked windy here today and I'm stuck working outside. hope all is well in the interwebulon for you!!


MJ said...

If you attach the office baby on a chain to your ankle, it will prevent you from blowing away in the wind.


just my luck that the one day i could use the silly whelp its got the day off!!

Suzanne said...

Oh Christ, MJ's here! Honey, blogging isn't stressful for me, it's just that my doctor has decided to eliminate EVERYTHING I do from my life in an effort to save it!!! Thanks for your comment. Hell, I thought you didn't even visit my blog. Now I know. I'll have to get that tracking system.

It's windy here too, but it's beautiful. I'm sitting in my office with the windows open and the breeze just blows through. It's absolutely gorgeous. I should be outside in the garden working, but I'm under strick doctor's orders not to. So here I sit. You know it's funny because I was coming back from the park after feeding the ferals this morning and realized how much I appreciate and miss my BMW. The wind was wicked on Hwy 80 and my Toyota rental was being blown all over the place. I had to get in the slow lane and reduce my speed to 65 just to stay in my f#$&$*g lane. I remember driving the beemer in high winds and having to hang on to the steering wheel extra hard, but still going 80. Wow, what a difference. The beemer's a tank.

The insurance co gave us about $3,000 for the car, and we're keeping it as well. Rob just sold it to an 18 year old friend for $600, (but he's going to surprise him and give it to him for $500) who is going to restore it with his dad. That makes us very, very happy. It means she'll live on. In addition, Rob just got news today that the insurance co is going to reimburse us for the new tires as well. Rob paid close to $500 for them and the insurance co, believe it or not, is going to give us almost $400. Rob's jaw dropped. We're buying a Mercedes on Friday if all works out. We wanted another BMW, but can't find what we want quickly in our price range. Rob decided to think outside the box and found a gorgeous Mercedes on Craig's List. It's a bit bigger than our BMW, less power, not a 5-speed (ugh), gets better gas mileage black, etc. I'll send you a photo. I think we did good. And the money for the tires pays for the rental! Honey, how do you spell mileage? I can't find the other half to my damn dictionary. Kylie and Leah have ruin my dictionary life. It's in tatters. I have the half up to H. Where the hell's the rest of it? Rob came into my office the other day and said "What the hell happened to my dictionary?" Technically it's his. I said "I don't know." I'll have to refer that question to Leah or Kylie.

Love you dear and hope all is well in Big Sur.



ah, good you are still lurking around... glad to hear things seem to well with you and that the beemer is going to get a second chance... thanks for the comment and look forward to you lurking again!

kylie said...

i'm dropping by to say g'day....have missed your regular posting.
you asked something about how people have time for TV? since i took up blogging i barely watch the thing. probably swapped one timewaster for another but at least blogging is sociable :)it's about our sixth day in a row of rain here, i think your wind would be a relief and i'm sure the kids would like to have dry shoes
hope you're havin fun

Suzanne said...

Wow, Kylie didn't even say hello to me. I'm sulking. Look what you do to women? You distract them so much they don't even remember who their friends are. Christ.

Well I'm back lurking. Sweet Pea has gone to the vet's so I'm rather nervously blogging. Yup, I think that's an actual term. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wrote back to everyone, so when you have time check it out. No, I don't think I can stop blogging. I don't know? It's going to be a challenge.

Okay, I've been her for 4 minutes, 10 seconds, gotta run. (Am I close? It should be a new game!)

Love ya,

BBC said...

Um, okay.

kylie said...

hello suzanne

BEAST said...

What a marvellous story. I read a story a while back about advertising campaigns that hadnt made it on air due to litigation.
The best was Virgin Airways campaign for the introduction of non smoking flights back in the 90's
The TV add opened with a very gay air steward mincing down the aisle with a tray of drinks followed by the legend

'The only Fags on our Flights will be serving the Drinks'

You can imagine the scrum of equal rights lawyers queueing up to sue on that one
he he he

Mr. Shife said...

That is one funny news story. I will have to share that one. Hope the wind did not blow you away. And thanks for your comments about me leaving the blogging world for a bit. I will be back sometime just need to get this crab out of my ass. See you soon.


hey all! thanks for the comments, im not ble to commentsie backsie individualy at this time, you fucking guys are great!!!!