Monday, June 09, 2008


LOTS BEEN GOING ON HERE ON THE VOICES THIS WEEKEND IT LOOKS LIKE! asides from the drunken partying, gardening(which i brought pictures of) and weekend revelry there seems to have been a lot more going on that i missed out on.

today i have cheeses dad, aka: the big cheese, here again helping me again and as an added bonus I'm babysitting, errr... guiding another one of of head honchos children into the glorious world of diesel mechanics today and for the rest of the week!!

so I'm fucking busy, alas... I'll try to sneak back here at lunch... but a couple of immediate things...

first nations! thanks for pimping me out on your blog, i got mad traffic that day and loved your post!

suz, ??? what happened? I'm so out of the loop, but I'll track back and see if i cant figure it out...

everyone else, thanks for all your awesome comments and replies and will get back to you all shortly!!!
if anyone can clue me in as to what was happening around here while i was gone that would be great!!!


hnter1018 said...

I wish I knew what went wrong. I get sick the first half of last week then get back to the basement...home computer is down because of remodling then I have a shit busy weekend...with some well timed fishing I come back to work get on the computer and looks like hell has broken loose over blogging land.

hnter1018 said...
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Random Chick said...


I was off-line all weekend so I'm just getting caught up myself...sounds like you've been busy. I hope you and Cheese are having fun! Have you sold your place yet?


hntr, yes, yes... it seems in my absence ive been upseting some folks... im not sure exactly hat it is ive done and as cheese knows all to well i do not blanket apologize for anything. i like to know what it is ive done before that happens. i wouldnt want some one saying they are sorry to me with out knowing what it was they said/did... anyway,welcome back as it were!!!

random, ive been so busy with life and work and all i havent had a moment to peruse my favorite blogs either!!! welcome back and no the house hasnt sold... we secretely hope it doesnt, as we are renters in a million dollar plus property. if you know anyone who would buy it please steer them the other way. i hear houses in alaska are affordable these days!!