Thursday, November 02, 2006


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Its raining, I'm tired and I'm grouchy... I roll up to work five minutes after the hour and everybody is out front doing a mandatory safety meeting.. Not one of those meetings, but one where we sit around listen to Wendy talk about hard hats or some shit and then sign a sheet saying we were there and we feel safer... I swear the work clock is fast, because they were winding up when I rolled in... Normally if I show up at that time its no big deal.. But when its safety meeting day and I'm late I look like an asshole...

Could these guys have broken more shit yesterday? I took one day off. The new auger is leaking fluid, its got less than twenty fucking hours on it.. The kenworth dump truck mysteriously has a bent panel and a broken box release arm! The Ford f-250 I fixed on Tuesday now has a new and different problem! The phase inverter in the shop is smoking? What the fuck, how do you screw that up! On or off... Don't mess with it!

"Someone" ripped the emergency brake handle off the 310c (its a back hoe)... What? How do you do that? Are you Hulk fucking Hogan? Are you at a wrestling match and need something to club someone with? No? So don't rip shit off the floor boards, okay!

The heater control knob I just replaced in the IH dump is broken again?!?! Of course no one knows how that happened... Your not in trouble asshole, this isn't Jr. High school, it would simply help me out if you would fess up and tell me how it happened so I can glean some information from you. If I know how it happened I can fix it better!!!

The ford f-350 you have been driving to the job site for weeks now, suddenly has no brakes? Huh, well after I looked at it and saw that not only did you wear through the brake pads but the whole backing plate as well!!!! I could have replaced the brake pads when they started squealing, thirty dollars. But now I have to rebuild the calipers and replace the rotors, which means ill be replacing bearings, races, and oil seals too!!! You are a smelly but plug! Now try four hundred dollars, and you don't get your premium ride to the job site for the rest of the week because it will be sitting on jackstands till next Friday afternoon!

More you ask? Yes! Somehow the keys got locked in your service vehicle... You didn't do it. You didn't try to get a coat hanger and unlock it either, nobody did... Well how the fuck did the paint get scratched off the door and cab of the truck, how did the rubber gasket that keeps rain out of the truck get torn to shit? Guess what? Enjoy your wet seat for the rest of the week until I can get a new installed...

Ill stop there, sorry readers, I'm foaming at the mouth here and needed a break from all the ignorance that's employed here... I swear some of our guys get more and more stupid everyday... And I notice that their personal rides are washed everyday, parked where no one might back into them and are meticulously maintained... Could they do that to a company truck? hah!

Ill come back later and post something positive and nice... Something you might enjoy reading!

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