Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I've got two minutes before I fall asleep on the keyboard here... But I just have to say what a day! So warm, beyond the late summer norm! Amazing, and I worked late, in heavy protective clothing. I could have run into the surf with my dog and not even worried about the ocean temp, instead I was welding and didn't even notice the sunset... Boo hoo... Not even after a fourteen hour day.

Then I went up to a friends house, with a buddy and helped the ladies there clean their new house like you wouldn't believe! There were people painting, scrubbing, wire brushing, scraping, moving, hauling etc... Anyway I chose a room and got some followers and directed a full scale nukeing of the old dining room..

I need not tell you more! We drank everything that was left in the house, smoked too much hash, inhaled too much cleaner and cleaned the fuck out of that room! Cealing to floor cracks!

Left there and stopped on the highway while driving home to look at the view! Huge moon! gnarley wind, epic waves, (I don't surf, not even remotely) and watched time go by peacefully for half an hour... Or so. Said hello and good bye to a few friends.

what an awesome day.. I'm filthy and hope I don't fall asleep in the shower, night folks!

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I like to hear awesome day :)