Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yeah everyday it happens, life. Nothing you can do about it. We get older, not necessarily any wiser, but we go through it and hopefully we learn from it. I reckon I should come clean a bit.. (I'm watchin sling blade, pologize bout the funny accent.)

I've been on my own since I was about thirteen or so.. Lived with my grandparents in Missouri for awhile and following that, off and on with my father on the east coast... See I was "a man" at twelve... Knew what I wanted and where I was going in life. What I didn't see was the bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts I frequented as a youth... blip. Anyway, I liked to learn life the hard way, best way to learn a lesson.

Came to California on the grey hound, turned sixteen on the bus. Been here ever since, except for a year or so I went to live in Canada. Worked for my uncles airline. He owns a float plane operation in Whistler, B.C. good times, but don't ever work for your family...

Since then; my mom committed suicide and I survived it, my grandfather died, my dog was killed, I've been addicted to drugs, fought alcoholism(survived that too!), moved from here to there, run from cops and a whole lot more id never care to share unless asked... There isn't anything I wont answer to.

I've also saved a woman's life,(met her years later, powerful person, full of vim and vigor) kept people out of trouble, adopted a new animal, volunteered in the community, been an active part in my cousins life and, well whatever... I'm not here to toot my own horn... Let others say something good about me. My anonymous readers!

Fuck, this is starting to sound like a bad country song... hahahahaha!! I fucking hate country music... Bluegrass, okay. Country? Um well no..

I've been in this town for almost nine years now (almost a local, I figure ten years makes it!) and things have gone well for me more or less... Don't like me? fuck you! Say it to my face... Yeah I didn't think so... Err... My bad... Tantrum... I digress.

Life is what it is... You take it and have some humility about it when its your turn to turn red... You give it what you can and have fun along the way... For me, its all about being me. Yeah its tough. I might come off as a jerk, but when you know me, you wouldn't be able to say that, not even close... An asshole maybe, but I do more for my friends then I would ever do for my self...

Today was just another day, wanted to let y'all know where I've been coming from...

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