Monday, September 01, 2008


what a fabtastic weekend!!! ya'll wish you were me... i have the amazing dial up so i'll list em out in some highlights!!!
had some afterwork beers with a buddy and watched him drink faster than me... he is pushing seventy.
had a great morning in the garden with cheese... later a buddy stopped by. (we dont get people stopping by.. ever really...)
later on the same day another buddy and his girlfriend popped in for snacks and beer.
even later that satuday afternoon more people stopped by with guns and clay pidgeons and shells...
spent several hours shooting skeet and drinking someone elses beer... (also never happens, welll... I generally bring my own)
showed buddy and his girlfriend how to shoot and both were quite succesful!
cheese even shot the twelve gauge and was hitting clay birdies!!! go cheese!!!
built a cool antiquated looking fence in our upper garen area to keep the dogs from running through our graywater system...
kudos to cheese for motovating me into some cool projects round the property.
cheeses brother showed up and we all made some bbq sausage and got wonderfully drunk.
talked politics and economy... we never get to do that.
spent the sunday moring wallowing in my own filth and then went to town to the gun range with a friend to shoot the big boy!!
at fifty yards it was off to the left just over an inch. adjusted the scope and at a hundred yards was well within an inch group. at two hundred yards it started to climb a bit but was still shooting within eight tenths of an inch!!! at three hundred yards it started to level out again and bong bong bong went the gong... the range guy said i was shooting in the eight hundreds!! yeah me!!!
cheese came home and we both bitched about being tired and ready for bed.. i guess i was more ready for bed than her... damn me again! if im not careful she will be aleaving me soon.
spent today up on the mountain doing what i do and watched a movie.
i'll be a cleanin, a launderin and a dishin here in a minute!!!

hope you all are well and fine, off the highways and home enjoyin yer day. i'll be back to answer to last posts tomorrow... and btw ladies... perhaps the girl in the picture below has not yet attained the orgasm part of her masturbation yet... it is a masturbation motivation poster now isnt it... not an orgasm poster... and some womens nipples just dont get hard enough to see through a double layered tank with boob supports... now if you would like to prove me wrong and sport one of those tees and try taking a picture of yourselves in the front seat of your chevy cavilers then by all means... i know the onion is ready for the next step in entertainment!!!!!



Suzanne said...

Well, I'll be first. I wear a double layer tank all the time and I'll be damned if those things don't show up at a moments notice and no, orgasm doesn't seem to matter!!! And NO, I refuse to take a photo of myself in a Mercedes doing that in a field just to make this blog. Perhaps Cece will entertain you in her SUV. But just so you know, mere stimulation will harden a nipple, not orgasm. So she's faking. Can I get an amen from Cece! Thank you from my congregation. Of, Hey, not funny!!!!

We're in France at the Wild Onion. You probably need to take a weeeeeeeeeeeeee, or you're missin' out. Don't make is slutty. This is an upscale blog!!!

Yes, of course, I love you.

Zack, you kill me.

Daisy said...

i actually had a great weekend as well...i got the wallpaper trim hung in the extra room, cleaned (well cleaned), got my hair cut...and several other things...this was the weekend for finishing up things that needed finished and i feel well ready for the week to start...may not sound good to some, but it FELT good and was much needed...

MJ said...

You ran off with a truck full of my pool water, damn you to hell anyway.

That Guy said...

Sounds like a pretty decent laborless day weekend. Fuck yeah on the new gun.

Fuck yeah on the fence...

fuck yea!

Random Chick said...

Amen! She's faking it!


That Guy said...

re: faking it

who cares?

can I get an AMEN from the male contingency?

stonelifter said...

that is because in the world of ballistics 100 and 300 yards happen to be very close to each other on the opposite sides of the trajectory curve.

my gun smithing past is peeking out


stone! out of the darkness cometh the lifter!!!

yeah man its a whole new world to me and is looking like its going to be a fun new sport! the gun is an ass kicker and shoulder is indeed sore. im looking into loading my own. i have several buddies who are helping me out on this one until i buy myself a home loading kit. wilson dies and the like. first thing is first though... a new and padded but plate. thanks for the comment!!!

i'll be back for everyone else later...

denim said...

sick dude, glad the mag is living up to what you expected. that thing is rad. how's your shoulder?

and i have shot a gun before, yerk.


suz, *points finger like gun and says pow*

daisy! yes, getting shit done around the house is key... good on you!!!!

mj, *hides pool water in back yard horse trough* i have no idea what yer talkin bout!!! heh heh..

that guy!!! yee haw! id like to just watch either way... im that kind of guy!!!

stone! very cool man... very cool man.

denimissle, i know you have killed many who have gotten in yer way man.. sorry bout that i wasnt dissin on you dude. just stoked for you and your lady friend.

*turns walks away and looks back to make sure he doesnt have a laser dot on his back from denim*