Thursday, September 04, 2008

well well, what was i doing last night?!?!

looks like i was blogging before bed last night... anyway...

today I'm off to town again for more useless repair shit. wish i had my act together a little more this week as I'm trying to pour on the juice at work. now that the fucking crane is finished and out of my way I'm trying to crank out all the other jobs that fell by the way side. they are a bit happier around here with me at the moment and cutting me some slack but still riding my ass (if both are possible to do at the same time).
stoked that last weekend was a three day weekend because this week is just flying by! and I'm taking next Friday off as well as next Thursday is my birthday. yeah bitches I'll be the ripe old age of thirty three!! beat that with a stick wouldja!
i did treat myself to a birthday gift this year. i bought all the home loading crap i will need to make cartridges for the new gun. I'm hoping the book will have mixes to push the bullet right around that subsonic range. just before it disintegrates out of the barrel... vapor trails baby, yeah.
this post is full of just crap today. it seems that's been the problem all week. glad some of you have stuck around and at least poked some fun at me about it.
haven't had any time to read the news lately(one of my favorite pastimes) have i been missing out on anything?!?


That Guy said...

The human head weighs 7 pounds.

I want to put on my football gear and fire that bitch


funny that i wrote i would be thirty three... thats not how old im going to be... weird... wonder how that came about?!?!

MJ said...

I'll have to bake you a cake.

*chuckles knowingly*

denim said...

ya, i noticed that age slip too fucker. i won't tell anyone you're real age.



That Guy said...

I thought it was wrong, too. You're WAAAAAAY older than that. But, what he lacks in youth, folks, he makes up for got nothin.

catscratch said...

You old git. Soon you'll be grey and you'll need viagra.

Happy Birthday!

Suzanne said...

Damn. We were planning a surprise birthday party for you at the Cafe and just waiting to hear from Rob with the details, basically the day. Thanks. Okay, next Thursday, surprise birthday party at the Wild Onion for IV. You're all invited.

Suzanne said...

We're leaving France. Are you happy?

hnter1018 said...

Suzanne I went to your page and posted. I knew he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret.

Also put up a new thing on mine

Leah said...

hey dude. I was gonna say, 33, yer jest a baby yet. Or are you geriatric?

Random Chick said...

Don't even let MJ bake you a saw her whole cake fart thing, right? Ewwww.

Let's have another virtual birthday party. This time, keep your pants on.

And you are not missing a single damn thing by not reading the news...seriously.

Suzanne said...

Oh. My. God. Let the festivities begin. Yes Rob, I saw the date and informed the troups. RC or Cece will fly with it. I don't even want to know what shit's going to hit the fan until the day it does. Ouch!!! No really, ouch. It's gonna hurt!!! They're some nasty bitches!!!! Of course I'm laughing. Poor IV isn't going to know what hit him. My advice is to lay low. No really, just lay on the floor and all the garbage will fly over you. Wow, too bad I have to wait a whole week, but they're the best. It's gonna be good. I can hardly wait!


And honey, I'll visit your blog soon. The new puppy is gorgeous. I peeked! Take good care of him/her!

Suzanne said...

I'm laughing too hard. IV I know you don't always love me, but you know what? You're going to have the best birthday ever and I'll be laughing at the end. You have the dearest friends organizing this event so sit back and enjoy the ride. And yes, we actually all love you. Imagine that. Little old you...popular!

Walker said...

I only read the news in the washroon as it scares the crap out of me.

33 eh, I don't want to live that age again.
34 was good as it was the year i got rid of the EX.
Ah the good times.
Those started when she left