Thursday, March 13, 2008


i cant seem to get any sleep either

i cant tell if its the lack of drinking that's making me feel weird or all the cold meds and caffeine I'm on... its like a whole new world here. like looking through the bottom of a pint glass sort of a thing.
last night cheese said "this whole time i thought you've been sober, but yer just jacked on Robitussin and NyQuil."
man, i look back at everything I've done this week and i go "wtf?" was i thinking?"
I've said that twice today and I've only looked at two of the things i did yesterday. that can't be good! i think my blood level is getting too high in my alcohol system.
its really funny all these coma induced memories I'm having. cheese wanting to molest me in my sleep and me waving her off, getting smacked in the face for snoring and waking up with a sore nose, like it really happened. falling asleep with out drinking an entire case of beer.
i better be getting well. last night cheese asked if i was finally feeling better. i told her i couldn't tell if the medicine was working or if i was just not coughing any more. but true to form i left half a lung running down the side of my pick-up on the way to work this morning... (did you guys get that little bit of visual imagery there? good!)
so between trying to put new spool o-rings in, on the return to dig valve, on the backhoe and getting the 1960's era water pump to start this morning i realized i probably shouldn't be working... i mean visibly i look like shit and sound like shit as well, but mentally i think things are really starting to affect me and come apart. like i was starting to think that what you all were commenting on about my medicine intake might be true... but i shook all that off and filed it under the fact that I'm most likely hallucinating from dehydration... aka: lack of beer. so fear not children of the beast!!! (wot did i just say?!?) i vow to try and drink some beer this evening!!! i will not let you down!!!

(wish me luck i couldn't even finish one last night)

im starting to see double... i feel like ass... a little tail anyone?


Cecile said...

I just sat through 6 hours of pure mindblowing bordome. The only fun part of the day was when we got to go outside and learn some self defense for two hours. Now I know how to block a punch, block a kick,and break away from you if you grab me by one arm, or both arms, or by my hair from the front or the back. I guess they want us to be prepared! Oh and I also learned how to deal with irrate customers. I don't remember the rest because it was observed in a foggy haze of total bordome tiredness. Hope you get better soon, I feel the lung death settling into my chest, so I know that the worse is yet to come.


awesome! i expect to hear some ass-kicking stories soon! oh and welcome to this years version of the plague... hahahahaaaa....
thanks for the comment!

Suzanne said...

I am so sorry for both of you. I've been there, done that. It is hell. No better words to describe it. I hope you come out the other side.

However...yup, you know it's commin' honey. Will you never stop? Honey, take of your jacket and relax. Last night on Brian's blog was just too much fun! We're still here. You'll be fine.

Love you and please feel better soon.


oakland heidi said...

Everyone I know is sick. No fun, no fun. You will get better soon, and when you do, you will be on the fucking moon. That's the only benefit to being so sick, is that the post sick high is outrageous.

FirstNations said...

thank you for enlightening me vis a vis heavy equipment, articulating loaders and all that wackiness. i wondered what that goofyass little thing was..!
i just passed off the worst of the plague today...spectacular postmodern nasal art, film at 11. or not.

i is a halfrack of pale ale ahead of your californiacting ass, jackson. catch up already.

Robyn said...

Well Inner Voices...all I can say...I TOLD YOU jackass! Stop trying to jack your self up with Red Bull and cold meds...I really don't know how you are driving to work...silly man!

Ok, maybe it is just you going through withdrawls...NAAAA...just taking that red bull probably did it. Oh and that moonshine over at Brian's Cafe. But to be honest with you. I did really think it ROCKED when you were going off on Leah's blog. That was freak'n cool...I love that side of you dear I.V. and this right here...I.V. how cool is that to have as your nickname! Bad ass my friend.

On a serious note...take care and call in sick Bro! Just have a long weekend and chill out and ease up on the pack of smokes to...*grin*
Love ya!

Leah said...

Delirium--that was my last few weeks. It's an eerie feeling. It really, really sucks. You need to get to bed and not get out till you feel better, and have some ice cold Orangina (that's what we like around here when we're sick) along with your caffeine etc.. But I know that's not always possible...I hope you are having that long weekend...


Anonymous said...

Dude! I feel for you...I've been sick too and I hate that feeling of the medicated high...I'd rather be drunk!

Can you make one of those naked horse thingies with a dude...preferrably one that looks like Brad Pitt?

Suzanne said...

On the rare occasion I'm here in the morning, I'll say this. I just wrote to Cecile and it inspired me to wish you a Happy Friday too. Happy Friday honey. Hope you're feeling just a wee bit better.



suzanne, please do not feel sorry for me... i dont whine about being sick for that. i do nothing good for myself otherwise and having someone feel bad for me about it only makes me more of an asshole. thats why i try not to talk too much about the sicknesses i have. if i were to not want to be sick and bleeding all the time id follow my doctors orders and quit smoking, slooooooowwwwww down on the alcohol consumption and exersize... but thank you anywayz... and that was a fun evening over at brians "pub". i wonder how he thinks about it... you know with his serious postings and the like and us not even commenting on what he is writing about...

oaklandgirl!!! thanks, i know its coming. i havent been drinking that much/if at all this week and the sobriety is a high of its own!!! is this what normal people feel like all the time?!?

nations, WE ARE GOING TO SIT AROUND AND DO SOME DRINKING SOON. the next time im driving up to the motherland. show "you bikers" how its done... hahahahaaa! i'll bring up my tools and fix yer ten speeds up... no seriously, we will be doing some heavy partying and if youve got an extra harley sitting around id love to go for a spin. my uncle was into the biker scene in massachucetts... still has a silver aniversary full dresser soft tail. did i say that right. anyways, i only managed to get about a six pack down before i tired of it and laid waste to cheese for a whole ten minutes or so before passing out!

robyn! wow, thanks for all the kudas. and yes, yes, im trying to take care of myself... its so damn hard when there is all this fun to be had... and my rantings at leahs? doesnt happen much and must apologize... and im hoping to take the last week of the month off so must be working nonstop till then!!!

leah, even when i have a three day weekend its still seems so short... not get out of bed though?!?! even when im all migrained out, i hit the meds and try to get something done. unfortunately life doesnt stop when i get the plauge... only once in my recent life did i have to shut down. the whole pnemonia thing set things back almost six weeks! doctor said "if you dont stop partying and smoking you will die!" so i finished out the weekend partying and then stayed at my house and pretty much didnt leave for six weeks there after...

random! im with you on that one! (the naked two assed dude thing, right?) hahahaa, i'll see if i can find one for you... and id rather be drinking a beer too!

have a happy friday as well!!

cher said...

i'm totally about to slam some cough medicine just because i'm bored.

blood level is getting too high in my alcohol system. effing funny dude!