Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wicked busy

yeah, I've used this pic before, but i love it.

so, its been a crazy morning. got to work and got sent to south forty to bring the boys some forgotten parts they need for a concrete pour. south forty is a place i used to live. awesome parties and lifestyle, blah blah blah. anyways, the first house i lived in is being torn down. it just went through a several hundred thousand dollar remodels and the new owners don't like it, so they are tearing it down to build their own cliff side abomination.. all the mammories that happened there....

*eyes glaze over*

well after delivering the tools and tweaking the idle on the batch plant i head back to the shop and bust down on some brake jobs. (exciting stuff isn't it!?!) hit up my lunch spot for some seared ahi tuna salad. fucking love wasabi! not the best thing for me, but i love it!

head back up to the yard here and its mayhem, dudes everywhere, in my way, welding shit, cutting shit with the table saw and all kinds of stuff going on in my workspace... fuck. so i came in here to post this little bit of crap for all of you. yeah, I'll try again later.


stonelifter said...

ahhh brake jobs, break fluid eats my skin, me no like touching the stuff


yeah, the exciting stuff eh?

denim said...





that was the coolest house in big sur. well, close anyway. what a load of shit. that's depressing. now that picture on your wall is much more meaningful.

off topic; have you heard of this enhanced smog bs? apparently my truck and car have to smogged in sac since they are registered there. it never ends!

Robyn said...

Damn I am sorry that money-wasting bastard is tearing down the old place! Damn shame! More wasted lumber.