Wednesday, March 12, 2008

todays tally

7:15 a.m two tablespoons of robotussin, cough and cold.
7:55 a.m two dayquil liqui-caps, sinus and cough
8:00 a.m. cup of coffee, two spoons of sugar, milk
8:15 a.m. 2nd cup of coffee
8:30 a.m 3rd cup of coffee
9:45 a.m 4th cup of cold ass coffee, extra helping of sugar
11:30ish a.m ice cold red bull
12:15 p.m coca-cola with lunch
12:45 p.m warm red bull and second pack of dayquil liqui-caps
1:30ish p.m coke in a can and fourth smoke of the day! (yeah me...)
3:00 p.m glass of water...
i'm yawning as i write this... i need a nap, think i can get away with a nap on the clock? hahahahaaaaa... enjoy the rest of your day all!!


Leah said...

Commentsie backsies are like the sweet, sweet elixir of could I have been so negligent...chalk it up to laziness... I'm turning over a new leaf.

Berenstain Bears Learn to Pimp...that is a favorite running joke in our family (at least with me and my husband). Like when my mother-in-law visits, we always say "Berenstain Bears and Too Much Grandma." But the sky's the limit with this joke theme. It's fabulous.


Suzanne said...

Who the hell knew about Leah? She kills me.

Your daily intake has me a bit concerned. Are your trying to die? Christ. When Robyn arrives she'll kick your ass.


Suzanne said...

P.S. Of course I love the dog. You know me!

Suzanne said...
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CSI Seattle said...

Why do you spread all this stuff throughout the day? If you were good, you'd mix it all together and suck it down in one gulp. You may not feel any better, but at that point, I don't think you'd care.

CSI Seattle said...

Why do you spread all this stuff throughout the day? If you were good, you'd mix it all together and suck it down in one gulp. You may not feel any better, but at that point, I don't think you'd care.

Cecile said...

Hitting the drugs heavy. Trust me, like you, when I feel miserable, I will take whatever drugs I can get my hands on. As long as they are legal.

Black Egg said...

Gah!!! Blogger ate my comment. Basically I was all like: Shit, that's a lot of caffeine. Also mentioned that one Red Bull consumed around 8 pm last night kept me, all night? Also mentioned something about you being a freaking powerhouse and/or superfueled by caffeine, thus explaining your ability to about a million projects a day, at least that's the way it seems. If this comment gets eaten I will smash blogger over the head with a four-pack of Red Bull.

Suzanne said...

Good everyone insane?

Robyn said...

ROCK ON INNER VOICES! Now that's what I am talking about. Shit man, if your trying to have a freak'n heart are certainly on your way! one for you! Once you have downed all that...go hike on of those wicked hills by your house and do it about 4-5 times. Just make sure you or cheese has '911' on speed dial dear friend!

Crapola! And by the way...who drinks Red Bull without Vodka in it anyway! *almost spitting out decaf tea on computer screen* that alone cracked me up. Geesh! Every time I am here (you would think I would have learned by now) I am spitting something up, either through my nose (which hurts like the way) or by mouth (and that just looks like a bloody sprinkler head just broke)!

And by the way I am ALWAYS up for taking a nap on the clock! And dude please try to drink 6-8 glasses of is good for your complexion (not that you give a hoot about that) and also good to flush your system!

All righty-o! I am outta of here! Chat with you real soon...hey come visit CSI Cafe and don't forget that hefty tip...since you did post my pic on here! *wicked grin*
Sending bunches of squeezes,

BBC said...

Hope that you are feeling better by now.

FirstNations said...

your liver has been leaving frantic pleas for help on my voicemail. what should i tell it?


leah! yes they are and i try to keep up with them daily! i love comments and hope my commentsie backsies are well recieved! glad you like the book title, i think cher had emailed me a bunch of those. ive been slowly pumping them all out here... "theyre great!"

suzanne! no worries, they stopped making my model back in the seventies... i guess they were too many people who were imune to all the governments testing programs so, they stopped. and at least im not following dr.csi's advice and just pounding it all down at once.

dr. csi! i'm doing the best i can captain! i'm givin it all shes got! *in best scottish accent*

cecile! ahem yes yes, legal of course... *passes over small envolope, in exchange for wad of cash* thanks we will see you tomorrow right? *wink, wink*

black egg! "freaking powerhouse and/or superfueled by caffeine"... nice, thankyou! i dont feel that wat way the show must go on!!! i mean i must get some work done!

suzanne, now, now... no name calling.. i'll loosen the buckles on your straight jacket only if you promise to play nice!

robyn... umm... water? h2o? ummm. dont fish pee in that? and im only 34! im not due for a heart failure for at least another two years... dont jinx me eh? and i'm not quite sure how to help you with the spit up... perhaps i should come out with a line of inner voices bibs!?!?! with skulls and middle fingers on them? hmmm....

BBC! thank you, and to you as well.

first nations.... put it on hold, would jah! its the intestines that need the attention....