Wednesday, March 05, 2008


does anyone know where this came from? i want one... let me know if this is from ikea or target or something and I'll say no, but if its a "man made" item I'd buy it!!! enjoy the rest of your day.
going over to a buddys house for a truck load of dirt. exciting isn't it? it is for me! because i just spent about eighty bucks for 24 cubic feet of organic potting soil yesterday. so a whole truck load of organic stuff from a buddy for freebies is nice...
why dirt? well on our mountain the dirt ain't dirt. its crushed up rocks... decomposed granite... i have a post on it somewhere... its used for making driveways and ball parks... not for growing vegetables.... woo hoo!!!
*jumps up and clicks bottom of feet together*
gonna get some free dirt... gonna get some free dirt...


FirstNations said...

i feel ya! now be a smart little Visigoth and make sure it doesn't all wash away. *looks out at back garden, cringes*

yeah, im certainly one to be giving gardening orders.....not.

cher said...

free dirt! seriously? that's such a score. i'm not being an ass either. i'm genuinly happy for you,

that stool is the shit!

Robyn said...

Inner Voices!
Boy have I missed you and your crazy ass blog! Damn it's good to be back. The leg thing...well I am now off work (finally) and still having to elevate the legs 6-8 hours a day. Otherwise I would have stumps by the end of the day! That so sucks.

Now back to the stool really where did you find that? That is really cool. It would be a great gift for that man "that has everything" or "too hard to buy for"!
Come visit soon!

BBC said...

Hum, I sure don't want one. But if it was a toilet with a ball holder to keep your balls out of the water that would be cool.

Hey, can I have some of the free dirt? I'm going to go get a free pickup camper that will fit my mid sized truck today. So I have that going for me.

Kay said...

That stool is hilarious.

Because I have nothing but time on my hands, I looked for your stool. All I can find is pics on other blogs, BUT, they seem to be calling it a Scottish Bar Stool, for when men wear kilts... So that's something.

Score on the free dirt. Back home everything's sand, so good topsoil's essential to a productive garden.

Kay said...

And apparently it's an antique. Everyone seems to want that beast. I smell a quick buck to be made for someone with access to power tools... But please, for the love of humanity, make sure you sand them well!

cher said...

sand them well! hahah! kay! that was awesome!

i think i'm going to totally get my dremmel out and see what i can do. i think i'll make a matching "hers" model! haha


nations. what yer not out in the garden yet? we will have to compost this dirt a bit as it is soaking wet and was used for hierloom tomatoes and hot peppers. we spread it out and will see what it looks like when its dry. it had an off smell, so we are a little uneasy about it. but with some chicken shit and d.g. thrown in, it should work out just fine... and its always the free shit that costs the most.

cher. "that stool is the shit" heh heh...

robyn.. welcome back as always! glad to here the legs are getting better. and if i find the stool supplier i'll post a link/// "stool supplier" heh heh.

kay!!! yet again i have to agree with you. yer awesome! looking up stools for me? scottish bar stools huh, perhaps i'll ask the good knudsen for some shopping advice.... thanks again. that would be fucking bitchen to have a set of those to saddle up to the bar in my kitchen.

bbc. well your here so i should comment back. ha! yeah free shit seems to be the most expensive in the end. its like buying a five hundred dollar car... nuff said.

cher... a matching hers model, would that be an outy stool as opposed to an inny stool.

but the real question is... would you all want to have your stool pushed in by someone else?

Mr. Shife said...

If you need free shit let me know. My fat basset is a crap-making machine and there is plenty of it in my back yard.
As far as the stool goes it just needs a cup and remote holder.

cher said...

definately an outie model.
with vibrating option.


mr.shife, i think that airmail would work best... i'll leave it at the post office for a few days before i pick up the basset helpings! thanks for the offer! heh heh.

cher, if we could only incorparate a sit and spin into it!

cher said...

oh, that's all me baby, not the stool.


still laughing about your "that stool is the shit" comment!