Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wasting time

sitting here at work, just fucking off, on the clock. they wont let me do anything and they don't want me to leave either. they have had all kinds of excuses for me.

"you wont go to your appointment if you leave."
"if you go all the way home, you wont come back to the sur."
"you look like shit. you shouldn't be driving."
"if you leave here your just going to go have a beer. you shouldn't go to the doctor smelling like alcohol."
"we don't want you working on anything, you might hurt yourself and then we will have to pay for it."
"just do what your told and sit the fuck down and relax."

its already starting. the breaking of my iron will. they are chinking away at my stubborn armour and holding me hostage. i just wish this appointment would come and go so i can get some work done. and go to the bar, errr... home to work in the garden some more. i mean lay on my ass and do nothing...rest.
how many posts about this lame shit will you readers endure? not many more I'm sure! see, i swore not to complain about being sick with the flu or virus or whatever it was i was suffering from last week and here i am bitching about the pain i am in this week. fuck.
so yeah, i got a tax refund this week. hopefully I'll get my state tax one soon and the stupid bush stimulus incentive check soon there after, with all that i could do something really cool! it would be more than three grand... nice down payment on a "brand new" dirt bike. one that i wont have to work on and fix all the time. or some spelling classes. or a nice trip somewhere. some jewelry for cheese, hahahaaa...
fucking over it. I'm going outside to smoke.


Anonymous said...

Use your tax return for pain killers!


no shit. id sooner ram my skull into a tree limb while riding my potential new dirt bike than waste it on medical bills...


soory, getting a little grumpy as the the wears on and on here... my bad. someone whack me in the back of the head.

Suzanne said...

Medical bills it will be my dear man! ;)

P.S. But, you'll be alive.

Leah said...

You can whine and bitch here; why not? I think as with everything else there's a time for complaining. Stoicism isn't all it's cracked up to be! Anyway, I hope your appointment went well and that they gave you something for your pain! Good for you dragging yourself into the doctor. No one likes it, but you're good for doing it.


Suzanne said...

I saw comment #5 and clicked so hard my hand almost came off. It's Leah. Leah, I'm so glad it's you because you know I love you, but I was so hoping it was you know who writing to say he's okay. As the hours tick by, I know the answer. I always did.

cher said...

wow. i just totally read this whole lame post and actually feel sorry for you. wtf are you doing to me zack?