Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i hate this kind of shit.

gimme, gimme, gimme

i told this guy i would help him with a small project. Friday he shows up just as I'm leaving with the plates he wants me to weld. wants to know if i can do it right then.
"no, i can't. it's Friday and I'm leaving."
this isn't a job that I'm getting paid for, its something i told him id do for free and id get it done soon. he leaves like he is bent out of shape. well, he calls me twice yesterday wondering if i got it done yet. the second time he called i told him i wasn't going to do it until Tuesday afternoon.
he shows up here this morning and is all bent out of shape that its not done.
"wheres my plates?"
"right where i left em. i told you id get them done this afternoon, that i would CALL YOU when they were finished. remember?"
"well I'm here now..."
"i can can see that...."
"can you do them now?"
"you don't even need these right away you said, i also told you that these were traffic rated electrical box covers. that they are rated for TRAFFIC. so you can drive on them, you don't need me to beef them up any more. its going to take me more than an hour to do the work and if you want me to paint them black they wont. be. ready. until. this. afternoon."
"just get it done!"
now I'm thinking... WTF? I'm doing this guy a favor and he's gonna try and boss me around. i want to bring these plates up to his house and shove them up his ass. i don't even want to do the work. but if i don't do it, he will be calling and calling and stopping by and bad mouthing me. i fucking hate people like this... i dont owe this guy anything and he can kiss my ass otherwise. he is someones dad and i'm trying to help him out... last time i do that again. if i were to charge it would have cost him a couple hundred bucks....

i need this sign to follow me around like a thought bubble


Cecile said...

I love both of these pictures. I need one of those signs too! LOL.

Suzanne said...

Wow, Cecile and I agree! I think I need one of those signs too. I was just thinking today, after dealing with the flu and then the concussion, it almost feels as if someone taped a sign to my back that reads "Kick Me." I think I need to tape your sign to my chest.

Love this post and sorry to hear your dealing with an idiot. Good luck with that. Next time don't volunteer.



ladies, thanks for the comments!!! yeah, i need one of those neon signs bad... and the dude came and picked up his shit when i wasnt even here. no thank yous, no nothin... whatever, who is the bigger shmuck here... the rich guy with no manners or the idiot who did the work for free.

CSI Seattle said...

Been there, done that. Favors are a pain. I reserve them for those who will truly appreciate it. Those folks are hard to come by. It's usually just close friends and those choking on a piece of steak.