Monday, March 10, 2008

this is about as useful as i feel today

this weekend was great! went to buddys house after work on Friday and had a few beverages... on the way home stopped at Fernwood for just ONE drink. double gin and tonics.... and then a beer, and then a triple of Yeager. what no dancing tonight? shit, we were out of there.

got home and made a few phone calls. cheese talked to her friend for a while and didn't really remember much. than we called Kay. (hi Kay!!!) cheese doesn't remember much of that either. she ended up passing out on the couch. how did she become such a light weight?!?! hehehe, (hi cheese!)

talked to Kay for a good while and am sure filled her head with all kinds of funny thoughts. we are going to try and make it up to her place towards the end of the month. except as I'm writing this I'm also Google Earthing "death valley" AND where Kay lives.... they are not as close as they seem. i had also mentioned driving up to harass Cher as well... i mean visit. gonna have to talk to the cheese about all this. i thought she was listening and uh huhing, but was really snoring and sucking up drool off the leather couch! hahahahaa...

Saturday we had a bunch of people over. friends of cheese came and watched us garden. (their BMW couldn't make it up our road. hahahaaa, they had to walk like a mile and a half uphill. hahahahaaa. i guess that made them not want to help.) anyways, we planted corn, red and yellow beans, beets, Asian radishes, carrots, scallions and some more flowers in the new raised beds i built. then i ran the auto drip irrigation and sprayers into them and pressure tested.

had some more friends come up and started in a little heavier on the silver bullets. decided to all walk out to "the point". its on our property and has a sick view of the canyons down to the ocean.

this is a shitty picture from the point which is on the Realtors web site. but you get the idea. from there we hiked down to the creek. the six of us went down and the five of us built a small dam. we raised the water level over a foot in the swimming hole we choose. problem is, the water is so far down into the canyon that there is not so much sun. its hard to jump in a mountain stream when yer not that warm and the water is that cold.

we hike back up and warm our bones in the sun for a while longer, then head back to the house. couple of people split and a few more show up... our initial plan for the day was to have a BBQ.

we made three different cuts of steak, some wild boar sausage, venison tender loins and some store bought peppered pork loins. bust out a large salad and some garlic buns and baked potatoes and broccoli... there was more but memory starts to fade at this point in the evening. after dinner we watch the cartoon version of Sindbad for the fiftieth timethen we booted everyone out and hit the sack.

Sunday was also spent in the garden. built some more steps up the back side of our garden heading towards the chicken coop. went to big sur to pick up cheeses girls and hung out with a buddy. watched some "cops" and headed home. made some three meat spaghetti sauce and garlic bread. (ended up making that a little too salty) chowed down and put the kids to bed.

yeah, the time change can kiss my ass at this point.

oh yeah did i mention that I've been sick as hell and spent most of the last three evenings coughing and snorting up half a lung?!?and got like a total of six hours of sleep since Friday? no, i didn't mention that? oh...


Leah said...

What an unbelievable epic view. And dinner sounds delicious (I love to hear descriptions of food). And I am so so sorry you're sick. AND the time change can kiss my ass as well. My internal clock is totally off. Well, we'll get used to it soon.

I really hope you feel better soon, and I mean it sincerely. You know this flu helped me kick the last vestige of my smoking habit? Now no more banishment to the fire escape for a furtive smoke...boohoooo...oops, I better not mention it, or I'll miss it...


denim said...

i have an off topic message. holiday's drummer quit and they changed their name. ahahahahahahahah ahahah hahah haha...

i guess he figured out how stupid it sounded.

ok, back to your day.

ahahahahaha, hahaha.

Black Egg said...

Jesus, every time I check in here you've done about a million new posts. I don't feel like I've been away from yer blog for THAT long. Busy man, that's all I can say. I agree dinner sounded awesome, and yippee for gardening projects. Me, nope, haven't started a new blog, not sure if I'm gonna. Thinking about ditching my cell phone completely as well. Promise to keep checking in, though... hope you're feeling better.

Cecile said...

Hey, I hope you get to feeling better soon. You know when you are sick, you must rest because rest is what helps your immune system work. So, I'm going to make a free house call to the Big Sur and prescribe that you take two pseudophed, Mucinex, and stay away from children, and booze(at least until the medicine wears off.) It's not good to drink and take medicine. All of that stuff is broken down by the liver and man, you don't want your liver to die. Did you know that the liver is the only organ in the human body that can repair itself. Well, I guess the skin can repair itself, but that's it. Talk to you later.

Robyn said...

Really? Sick! No way! I thought with all that drinking you would be pickled and you know what they say about sterilzes most should have kept that flu outta of there! Damn that sucks for you! Well here's to you *Robyn cracking open a cold beer*!

I wish you would show more of your property (veggie garden) it sounds killer! And love the views! LOVE IT!

Suzanne said...

What the hell are we going to do with Robyn? The woman is incorrigible.

I know you've been ill, but haven't mentioned it in hopes it would pass. Apparently not. Honey, hang in there. It will. Drinking isn't going to help, nor is socializing. You need rest. Is that in your vocabulary? If not, put it there.

I love hearing about the garden and looking out over the ocean. Dear friends live in Big Sur, but right on the ocean. They're the sort of people you hate...really, really rich! And it's like there 5th or 6th home. Lost count. Who cares. I like being at your home, minus the booze, sex, loud music, obnoxious behavior and rudness. Am I at your house?! I don't know, I may be in Heaven! If I could just come and sit by the garden I'd be fine, then of course you'd kick me out to make room for your rowdy friends.

Love you sweetie. Please take care of yourself. I'm serious. There's just one of you, and I actually adore him.

XO Suze

P.S. Thanks for your help with my 13 year old. Unfortunately, she's a guest on my blog and not a friend or relative, so I have no control over her computer. I wish I did. She seems like a pretty smart cookie, so I'm hoping for the best. I'll link to you when I think it's okay, but certainly not right now. You know I love you. And thanks for always paying attention and making a difference. XO

Robyn said...

Yep! You know me...the new wise ass! LOL!

Damn I love that Suze! :)

P.S. Inner Voices she is right though...*that mama in her* but well...hell just give me the rest of your beer and I'll drink it...I hmmm..mean store it for you! LOL! Take care bud!

BBC said...

That sounds like a nice place, out of the way. It's good to get out of the way.

some wild boar sausage, venison tender loins

I've never had wild boar sausage, sounds good. And I haven't had venison for years, maybe I should go poach one. :-)

Feel better soon.


leah... congrats on kicking the habit!! as a twenty four year smoker id love to do it... so hard....thanks for the photokudos and great comment!

denim... los dos bros? WTF? umm doesnt a band need a drummer? no more day off? what now? the uno bro?

begg! as always, welcome back!! and thinking about getting off the grid eh? hmmm... well i hope its for good reasons. and i hope i do get an invite from you for the new work space... youve been here almost since the beginning... one of my first readers! thanks for the comment!!!

cecile! im on the robotussin and dayquil liquid caps just to get the body moving... fourth cup of coffee this morning seemed to get the head above the clouds enough to go out side and do some work... its a tough one when your sick. i dont want to get anyone else sick so i stay outside mostly and only come into the office when i really need to... like now... when everyone is out of the way.

roybn!! cheers to you on cracking a beer just for me! i'll be posting more photos of our place soon, until then goto the "garden of eden" link in the best of section. it is the beginning of last years efferts. if you goto the posts just before and just after those, there are more pics.

suzanne! rest? i know the word... "a place in which to rest my beer." hahahahaa.. anyways, yeah i dont like to complain about being sick. as i do nothing for myself to help with it. so no pity for me... and yer welcome at the voices place anytime you like. yestarday i took the girls down to the swimming hole we built and got them to jump in!!! bbrrrr, cold. and like i said before. no worries on the kid at your place. people seem to find me no matter if im linked or not.

robyn yer back! id give you my beer but it would be an empty! ahahahaaa...

bbc, thanks for the wishes. and yeah we live way the f out there in the mountains. the kind of place where everyone has guns and something to hide it seems...

ShutterSpy said...

I love that picture of the rusted anti-rust can.

Sorry that you feel like it though...

Thanks so much for the guestbook entry! :-D


shutterspy! welcome to the voices!!! none of the photos here are of my own unless i say that they are... i try and give credit to the photos i poach from people, except when they are just a random pic floating around or someone sends it to me in an email!! feel free to peruse and again, welcome!!!