Thursday, March 20, 2008

yeah, this is all you get.

my bad on the no commentsie-backsies all. I'm just not feeling it! after yesterdays angst and this morning dullness, I'm simply not feeling it today. you all leave the best fucking comments!! and i will get to them tomorrow... some of you ladies enjoyed the women in bed photos so much that you thought up something nice for me at the beach, since i wasnt feeling well! thanks readers, i needed that!!! until tomorrow then!


MJ said...

Look at that.

They still need to sleep with night lights.

Cecile said...

I think we all need to meet at the beach dressed like that and get our picture taken. Because we are all so much hotter than they are. *snicker* Dude, the suspense is killing me. But I'm glad you are still breathing. I went to a suicide prevention class today, so if you get to feeling like you are going to hurt yourself, come talk to me.

Mr. Shife said...

With that storm brewing in the background it looks like me and the ladies might have to cuddle to stay warm. I hope I don't get sand in my shorts.

Donn said...

If my plane ever goes down and I am LOST on a desert island..
it had better be like the one in the picture.
*crosses fingers and toes

Leah said...

That's a whole lotta love.

Anonymous said...

You can't see any vagina... what fun is this picture? I need something better for my insomnia.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

The one on the left is my sister. I know for a fact she doesn't have a vagina.

cher said...

dude, i feel for you. unexplainable sickness and pain is full out retarded.

just found out that this virus we have had that bumrushed our house was no virus at all, but in fact a parasite.

sweet action.

dude. i'm with the emerg suggestion. if you still have no answers, go to the emergency. it sucks, takes hours, you'll be the lowest on the list of priority, but at least you run the risk of someone actually knowing what is happening in your body.

Suzanne said...

Hi Sweetie,

Oh good God! I haven't had the internet for 3 days and the "Pole Guy," (yup, that's what he's called), just came back inside, made some final adjustments and poof, I'm here. We had a Comcast tech here most of yesterday and after climbing two poles, knew what the problem was, but he isn't a "Pole Guy," so he couldn't fix the problem. He called the Pole Guys and told them to get over to our address pronto. We were told someone would be at the house shortly. Not true. Rob called this morning to find out when our guy would arrive, but was told we didn't even have an appointment scheduled and would have to wait till Monday. Whoop, not the words he wanted to hear! He reached through the phone and grabbed the guy by the neck and didn't let go for over 2 hours (no joke). After requesting and being transferred to supervisor, to bigger supervisor, to biggest supervisor, I left for the park to feed the ferals hearing his voice echo in my ears. He had a supervisor on the stand (whoops, I mean phone!) and was grilling him about getting word to a pole guy to get his ass to our house today. The supervior said he didn't have their phone number. That's all Rob needed. When someone lies on the stand they're going to get their ass kicked! Rob had the phone on speaker, so as I was trying to slap my hair into a pony tail and pull on my hat and sweat pants, I listened to the conversation. The guy kept lying and Rob was very patient and just kept reeling him in, one question at a time, until the poor boy'd backed himself into a corner and couldn't get out without admiting the truth. I had to leave, so didn't know the outcome, but when I arrived home a Comcast truck pulled up within minutes!!! That's my guy!!! ;)

So, I'm here only because of Rob! And what's so funny, is the last comment I wrote was the one to you the other night before our internet went bye-bye. Obviously I've been worried, so you're my first stop. It's nice to know you're still alive. It's not nice to know you didn't take any of the meds. That concerns me, but I understand. I agree with those who say you should get your ass to the ER. ER doctors are terrific because they have to be. The wait may be long, but if they think your appendix might rupture, you'll be surprised how quickly you get in. But please, don't crawl over children who are sicker.

My fist impulse is to say, get that mass of crap out of your system. And if that means taking a laxative, take it. But I'm not a doctor and the laxative might kill you, so don't listen to me. Go to the ER. Don't be stubborn, okay. I mean that in all sincerity. I want you to get well and if that means doing something you don't want to do, do it. Grow and move on.

By the way, your evil twin showed up. Can you guess? What's so funny is I gave him a whole slew of links to navigate and he only linked to yours! I do believe, as you suggested, he might be your twin! You both make me laugh. And yes, of course, it's 'Desperate Middle Aged Man.' The two of you are going to be a force of nature. Okay, I'm leaving and going back to the rose garden where I'm surrounded by beauty and some sense of normal!

Please get well soon. And please do what you're told if it makes sense to you. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.

Much love,
Suzanne XO

Suzanne said...

Oh, almost forgot to comment about the photo. I love it! I agree with others who suggest we should all get together and pose too! A.K.A., The First Annual Blogger Reunion! We can wear whatever we want, including a full body cast to hide any flaws. I love it. Let's do it. And yes, I think there should be night lights. They throw a softer shadow and minimize wrinkles.

XO ;)

Cecile said...

Ok no Friday post is not good. I hope you email me with an update. I'm concerned for you and I hope you are not hospitalized. Just know I am thinking of you and Cheese and the girls.

BBC said...

What lovely looking ladies. I like to look at them but don't want to try dealing with any of them.

Hope that you're feeling better.

Suzanne said...

Okay, no Friday post and no updates so far Saturday. Cecile is scaring the hell out of me.
\........, (Newman just did that when he jumped on the desk and knocked my mouse off with a loud clunk (it's a Dell, so survived...and Newman's a Tuxedo, so he survived too!)).

Please send up an SOS or update us when you have a chance. Cecile's on vacation from the Cafe and can drive the 2,000 miles in record time if you and Cheese need her. (Right Cecile!? An authentic CA vacation!) She'll be bringing the kids and the dog of course, so you'll have to make a wee bit of room for her entourage. She's a wonderful nursemaid and will be Cheese's right hand (her left will be in the coffee pot). You'll be nursed back to health in no time, come hell or high water, if you don't spike anything.

Love you dear and hope you're okay. Sending warm wishes your way.

Happy Easter to you, Cheese, the little Cheese's and the dogs of course.


Anonymous said...

have you been watching america's next top model again?

*shakes head*

i thought we cured you of your ambition to become a woman?

Gig said...

I decided to come out of the shadows to see how you are...
Hope everything is ok, also have been waiting for an update.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

*sliding back into the shadows*

Suzanne said...

Well, you know you're sick when Cecile is on vacation, but Gig pulled herself out of the busy cafe to visit.

Speaking of which, when you're well I'd like to chat with you about a 'Retirement Plan' for the ladies at the cafe. Yes, technically I guess you could call it embezzlement, but we aren't technical here. Brian barely shows up at his own cafe and we're all working our asses off over there, so who's to say we don't deserve a 401K?

Get well soon. Miss you.



everythings gona be fine! thank you all so much for checking in and seding me wishes... the doctors have no idea what they are talking about. i dont like taking pain killers and refuse a broad spectrum anti-biotic. my pains are subsiding and i have yet another appointment on monday... happy easter all!!!

Suzanne said...

Hey you, smarty pants. I just saw you over on Brian's blog so responded in kind! You are a rascal. New plan!!! New design!!! New concept!!! Work with me brotha!

Glad to know you're still alive. We were worried. I don't know if I agree with your treatment plan, but you know you best. So I'm just going to shake my head in all different directions to get out the cobwebs and hope for the best. Do I agree? No, of course not! But you know best. Right? If not, I'm sending Cecile. She's a "real" woman and doesn't screw around with much of anything. She'll whip you back into shape in no time.

Oh, by the way, stop over at Leah's and wish her Happy Easter. She's Jewish you know and saying that made me laugh way too hard! She's visiting with the inlaws in Texas and is way too miserable. I thought a bit of levity would bring her an ounce of joy!

Love you sweetie and glad to see you're up and blogging.


cher said...

dude, you may also want to consider good ole' Acidophilus Complex if you are refusing that anti-biotic.
get some good bacteria into your intestines.

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! How have u been? How's the pain? Are you better???

I've been busy deal with CRAP lately...see my post for today to see the wonders of my CRAP!

Hope you are doing better!!!!


mj, kids these days eh?

ceceile, im down with some pictures on the beach of us wacky bunch of bloggers... sweet idea!

mr.shife! moving in on my beach scene eh? have been fake impregnating these ladies as well! fuck it! theres room, enjoy!

donn! im sure these ladies will help you uncross what ever it is you need!

leah! isnt that you on the edge of the bed there?

menace! if its vaginas you want, head over to knudsens, or mjs, even iksodas! and sorry to say the only vagina here is me! (feeling all hot and moist right now..)

desperate middle! im pretty sure mr.shife just got her fake pregnant as well, perhaps through her fake vagina?!?!

cher, dude whats up!?!? yove been comment all over the voices and im finally getting back to you! rock it! thanks so much for all the comments everywhere. and the advice is good, i never take advice though... or pain killers... hmmm...

suzanne... crazy pole guy story! and nice that you have a man that can lay down the law... and get the pole huy to do his job, now if you would have had a "pole girl" show up, would you have let him work his magic on her too?!?! hahaha, oh almost forgot, i checked into your friend and when i get some time i'lla be checking him out some more... thanks!

bbc! yeah when they come in packs its best to stay away...

pink! but you know how much i love to be photographed in comprimising positions!

gig! welcome to the voices and thanks for delurking, ive seen you poking in and out of the shadows, thats cool! there are lots of places to hide out around here! thanks for the wishes!!!

random chick! misery loves company right! i'll check you out in a bit and thanks for the nice words... i'll take em while they last!! hahaha...

suzanne, we will talk about your retirement plan when brian gets back.


thank you all for the nice words and well wishes!!! i'll be leaving profanity and something that smells on your blogs quite sonn...