Tuesday, February 12, 2008


is that guy in the background taking a picture of the person who took this picture?

yeah, i have posted that title before.

last night was our neighbors birthday. we showed up late and ate some killer burritos. i made the mistake of showing their two year old how to chuck his toy across the room. i only did it once and was trying to figure out what the hell it was and "flip" across the room it went. this kid was keen and "flip, flip, flip, flip..." across the room it went. into the back of his sisters head, into the t.v., into everything... whoops....
anyway, i'm beat.
there is this kawasaki mule thing that I'm working on, its kicking my ass. replace the two piece sliding rear axle. simple job right? ah no. I've called my tech type guy over at white knuckle in utah, he told me if I'm having lots of trouble and cursing up a storm, i'm doing it right.
then i called kawasaki and got a service tech on the phone. he told me it just slides right in. that in fact he was looking at a break down of it at that moment. i was looking at the same parts break down as he, in fact it does look like it just slides right in. then i asked him if he had ever done one of those before...
"no, I'm just a service tech."
"so, what is it that you do there."
" i assist people with technical questions, like yours."
"well, it doesn't just slide together and in, any other suggestions?"
"that's the way it is supposed to go together."
"no shit?"
"excuse me?"
"is there anybody there that has actually worked on any of these machines?"
"i don't think so. this is just a service help line."
"oh... thank you, then your service was excellently useless."
"thank you, would you like to take a short five minute survey on..."
fuck you....
not much else is happening, cheese and i hammered out our issues about her car and will be spending yet another saturday working with her dad underneath her wonderful subaru. (did anyone feel the sarcasm. no?)
well i must now crawl into the teeny tiny space in the mules rear end and see if i can shove my axle into it. perhaps i should use more grease.
moral of the story? when shoving your axle into the rear end of a mule, don't call anyone for support, you probably know more about it then they do...

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