Thursday, February 07, 2008

is it friday yet?

finished the menzi muck up today, only to have the relitazation that i should do a bit more... so i ordered the parts, i mean, my parts guy in germany said he would call/e-mail me back and let me know exactly how long i will have to wait for them.

do you like to waste time at work?

what else???? sure feels like friday to me... my dirt bike dreams are falling further and further away... after beaus hospital stay, the eight hundred dollar propane bill, the parts for my truck and swaping of the cell phone bill into my name... im going to be left with grocery money for this month...
yeah, yeah, quit drinking and smoking and the bike is yours right... well lets see if thats true. between our combined smoking habit, thats about six bucks a day. (at our local store, smokes are $6.66 a pack after locals discount.) so that times thirty is how much? and daily beer consumption, humrph, thats a conservative $13 a day. taking into consideration i drink at the bar occasionaly and have nothing to drink on fewer occasions. so how much is that now all together?

*final jeopardy music in back ground*

well as far as my math says its about five hundred and seventy bucks!!
WTF? holy shit! makes you think doesnt it? thats amazing! im able to process hundreds of gallons of booze and several pounds of tar and nicotine a year! wow! now thats something to think about.
oh, uh... i mean, makes you think about how much money i would have "extra" at the end of each month if i didn't waste my money on toxins... maybe i'll spend more time getting the still running again... and my neighbor will be growing tobacco this year. perhaps i'll ask for some of those seeds...
am i still missing the point here? perhaps i'd be more healthy and fit? miss less work due to sick days and be more alert and prepared for the day if i wasnt hung-over all the time? i'd have more energy for all the activities i don't motivate to do now.
anyway i'm getting blasted with calls... i'll be back.


what that means is we have been using the wrong oil. we should have been using a synthetic sae50 oil instead... and do you all know what that means?!?!? more fucking work for me. have a nice day!


denim said...

ya, you need spell check. wtf is a relitazation? ahhaha

so much for 'not existing' in the US. what made her change her mind?

Black Egg said...

Oh, it can be really depressing when you start adding up the cost of habits, shit. I will only go so low with the quality of the booze I drink - I mean Popov and Piels are a definite no at this point in my life. I think you've got it right with firing up the still again. Good luck with that budget!

tasha said...

ya ya we all know how retarded spending all our "allowance" on bad things is but do you have to rub it in? dont we need to drink to survive? dont we????

Robyn said...

Inner Voice! You posts just crack me up! Love it!

Anonymous said...

hey z
the family and myself are going to be heading to san diago in may
for my brothers wedding.I would love to try to stop on the way and say high,will keep you posted on detailes.


DENIM. bee-ootch. did i speel that write?
when i got my new phone they told me about "this new law" and i had to call he and do some haggling with her. she said she had forgot that i was still using it. so now she has been hasseling me daily about... damn...
BEGG! i know it, i need to be doing that. and a few months ago i ordered some cool shit for it. need to make more. people keep asking me for it. i need to get to work.
tasha! love you, miss you, howve you been. im a loser when it comes to the phone. whats new since you moved back in with yer dad? i'll have to make those calls damn it.
ROBYN... welcome to the voices! thans for the kudos! it gets quite crass over here and hope you will continue to enjoy! i'll swing by your blog and see what there is to see!
everett, yer brother? i vaugly might seem to think i remember a brother... was he a little brother? why dont i remeber him. fuck... and see above, i cant even get it together to call my own family, sorry bro you two are the next people on the list. and plan on an overnight stay with us when you come down!!! driving? such an awsome drive! the coast is spectacular through oregon... poor as shit there, but beautiful drive!

and commenters? wtf? why hasnt anyone else been calling everett? he left his phone number!?!?