Wednesday, February 13, 2008

just when you think you cant drink anymore

i found first nations secret porn site.

yeah, ive been feeling it. small aches in the morning, three cups of coffee to get going, two cokes at lunch, red bull at about three and just barely hanging in there at the end of the day... "damn, im not going to drink today..." how many times have i said that? but then at the end of the road from my work is the bar. and even though today i dont feel like drinking, i have to go in there and see a friend. which means free beer. and peanuts. and more free beer. but at this point in the day id rather just go home for some ahem-ing, watch a movie and pass the fuck out.

thats all i wanted to do yesterday as well. but it was drinking buddys birthday and we started by sucking down an eighteen pack at his house, going to the bar and pounding some stellas there, went up to nepenthe for a cheese plate and gentelman jack and coke. after a couple of those we had a jeager shot and a pacifico for the roa... to take out side on the veranda.

got home and having a couple beers before bed sounded like a smart idea. sure hey, whats in that? lets smoke some of that too! brilliant. i was only going to "have a few beers" last night. i guess i forgot to tell myself that.

so today is moving along at its normal mid-week snails pace. the axle on the mule isnt putting itself in like i'd hoped. but what can you do eh?

all right its lunch now, so i better take a break.


oakland heidi said...

I haven't been hungover in ages... how I don't miss the feeling. happy love day.


thanks for the wishes! have a happy thursday to you as well!