Friday, February 08, 2008

well at some point today it might feel like friday

do you think they are french?

i open my e-mail box this morning and hntr had sent me some of these motivational posters... ahh, doesn't this bring back the days of old... no? oh.. too bad for you then. but i bet you are lying anyway. your significant other is reading over your shoulder saying "how crass! what is this shit? why do you read this?" no, am i still wrong? my bad.. wink wink.
cheese and i occasionally read the blogs together. i try and get her to read things out loud, why i dunno. perhaps i wasn't read enough books to as a child, perhaps i cant really read and am tired of looking at everyone's pictures and funny looking scribbles underneath them, or may be its because she sounds like one of those voices on "books on tape". you know the ones that make everything sound interesting and fun. whatever it is, beware people are reading your blogs out loud to each other...
its friday, we had a huge problem in the yard already this morning and I'm having to make a zillion phone calls to not only get something warrantied, but to get them to drive down from ball sac-ramento to fix it. try that one out. ever try and get something fixed on a warranty? okay, now add on the "fix it now you mother fucker!" conversation part i use and see where that goes...
actually it is going quite smooth. remember way back, when i was complaining about this engine i was having built? well now its unloading diesel into the oil pan. lame, disastrous if you will. so i started with the company executive, at the branch that fucked us in the first place. then moved on to the lying sack of shit who fucked us next. then i called the branch that finished building the engine and talked to the mechanic that did it, the engine foreman who scheduled it, the guy i paid $19, 960.09 to give it back to me, and finally talked to the branch manager.
i received a phone call within minutes of getting off the phone from sac-o-shit guy. he doesn't have any body to come down till may be next week, but not likely to happen untill the following week. i gave him the "you need to fix it now mother fucker speech" and called his district manager to discuss that conversation with him. moments later i receive a call from the people who finished building our engine and they have some one who can come down on tuesday.
"thanks, that's better, but..."
i got off the phone with him and called the branch manager at his location again and discussed with him his options, i had a phone number of the B.B.B. in hand and came up with a fictional contact that i had there.
"since your branch is the only one operating in northern california that doesn't have its service staff still on strike i would hate to tarnish what have worked so hard to achieve. the company you represent fucked us. you know it, i know it and now you have to do everything you can do in your power to help us. i will not go away. i am not afraid of driving up there and sitting in your office. i would rather do this over the phone. "
"yes sir, hold on..."
*his hold music is an ad for their company*
"zack, i will have a truck there this weekend or monday? i have a few questions..."
we talked about what the engine is doing, what i think it might be and some options of repair. my warrantee extension on the new work and i even threw in the idea of a free rental of a concrete truck while we wait. (i'm a fucking bastard.) meanwhile i had his other branches leaving messages for me to "call back immediately" and "please only deal with our location" and "we are doing the best we can" etc. etc...
as i am typing this i am getting another call. we will see and i'll try to update you as the day progresses. (like anybody reads this shit, this far into the post. you all are just here for the smutty pictures huh?)

well i hope you all have a fucking awesome weekend and "throw your potato salad in the air!!!"


cher said... are the mad poster. i wish i had time today to catch up on your blog. i'm so smoking busy its retarded.

and yes...i still read all the way down to the bottom and not just look at the smutty pictures.. although, thank you for them, by the way.

you rock as an employee. i wish i could afford to hire you as my personal assistant. i am confident you would fulfill each and every duty with precision, on time and in the rudest manner possible.

i full on love you.

denim said...

that last pic reminds of a movie i just saw that you should see too. it's called deliver us from evil, you get the idea



BBC said...

Hi there, think this is my first visit to your blog. Cher said that you are threatening to post naked pictures of me.

Please do, I would like to see if they are real or fake. If they are real I'll own up to it, if they are fake you will want a damn good attorney.

In all my years on the Internet I've only shared naked pictures of me with one woman that I was in a cyber relationship with so if those pictures show up on the Internet I'll know exactly where they came from.

Of course if you and Cher are just funning with each other, carry on, have fun.

cher said...

bbc- don't tell us what to do.
IF we are just having fun? IF? Do I do anything else? EVER?

Cecile said...

OH my a terrible image has been burned into my brain. Grumpy naked old men. Oh dear, I'll have nightmares tonight!

Cecile said...

Oh and by the way, tapioca twister would be a blast, but only if you licked it off of each other afterwards. I love tapioca pudding.


CHER... youv'e been smoking, now yer retarded? what? thanks for stopping by today on yer busy schedual... and glad you read the posts and are not just here for the pron... just what do you do that my services could be used for? i'm expensive!! and you think me rude? how fucking dare you!?!?

denim. i already answered yer comment.

bbc. thanks for stopping by as well. didnt mean any harm by the whole "posting nude pictures of you". i'll keep them safe, i promise. thanks for commenting as well. i'll make a point to stop by when i'm back on high speed interwhot...

cher... boy he sure seeemed to get his panties bunched up didnt he!?!?!

cecile: you have been over to knudsens site right? i bet he like likes him some pudding too! i have always loved the tapioca twiter imagery, you have brought it to a new level...

thanks all for commenting and i hope you have a safe weekend!

Anonymous said...

hey z
yes we are driving,we actualy just
bought a mini van for the road trip.Yes i must be getting old,first i have kids then, shave all my hair off(oh yeah after all my life of swearing i would not cut my hair)and finaly buy a mini van wtf happened!!Honestley i am pretty happy about my life.Anyway z
dont stress about calling me i have never been good at the phone game either.I am liking this whole computer blog/e-mail thing.But before i hit the road in may we should converse about when we might be in youre section of the woods. talk to you soon,smoke drink and enjoy life.
youre friend Everett

cher said...

um, excuse me, Everett? Is it?? Hello? what about me?

Robyn said...

I do love your your face! So I gotta know...what the hell are you working on. It sounds like a beast of a car or is it a truck...or semi? For 19,and some could be a plane for that matter.

I came for the porn...LMAO! Naaa...not my style. Did come for the *ding* *ding* "and in this corner we have..." post!

Rock on and you must not be that far from Sacramento. That's were I live with my peeps! Also make sure you post where your took whatever your working I never go drop a dime and then have them rip me off...! I am really hoping that all is well by this weekend for you and your 'beast' that you are working on!

Cecile said...

I"m so sorry I slighted you on my comment replies. I promise I made it up to you. And I'll never let it happen again! Oh OH OH and you can always substitue tapioca with Rice pudding. YUM!


evertte, cool man, im glad the whole phone thing doesnt piss you off. while driving down the coast we only get like ten minutes of cell phone coverage, so its hard to squeeze everything in. cut yer hair? what are you wearing a suit too?!?! hahahaha thats allright bro i'll be fixing cheeses subaru lesbian mom-mobile today....
cher: he lives up in your neck of the woods, on some island just on the other side of the mother country... and my sweet cousin used to goto school on yer isle. some private thing tht my uncle could land his float plane at the dock....
robyn! welcome to the voices as well! wow two new readers in one week! killer! the truck in question is a 1981 auto car. it has a two stroke 6v92t engine. the t is for turbo, but we also have a supercharger on it. we had to put the smaller california injectors in it, i think thats what the problems are from. other than that we should be getting almost 650 horses out of it... sorry to hear that you live in sacramento... hope you get a chance to move soon, i'll keep an ear out for you. property around here starts at about 1.2 million. hahahahahaaaa, jokes.
cecile, im so disapointed.... boo... really im not quite sure what it is yer talkin bout. or are you talking to the bbc man... anyways thanks all for the comments!

Robyn said...

So your not a native Sac'tomato'ian? And where do you live that is costing 1.2 mill...come here...Sh@#, everyone here is losing their home. You could find one for under 100,000.

Show a pic of the car 'aka beast' that you are working on.
Check you out later!

hnter1018 said...

Ehy refrain from posting pics of men!!!!!

Anyways you engine company called...since they only offered the tailight garauntee your are to be shit out of luck. Either that or they'll make up a part thats broke and claim not viable under the warrenty.

Nice stain glass....were you back visiting one of the churches back here. LOL!!!!!!

You know what priests and tuna have in common right??? They both come in small cans.

Whats the difference between a priest and a pimple?????

A pimple won't come on your chin until your fourteen.!!!!

I know...I know...thats sick and rotten...but with all the scandal that broke loose back here we have a ton of those jokes.

Have a good weekend.

FirstNations said...

kick ass, take names, set shit on fire, make unreasonable demands. you're me. and thats weird.

i know; i know, the tits make up for it. you're welcome.