Saturday, February 16, 2008

so.... im all confused....

help me with some math...
if zack were to pay one thousand five hundred dollars a month on parcel of land, how many months would it take to pay a quarter of a million dollars off?
i live in a one point two million dollar house now. with ten acres of land, and i just had the mostfuckingrandom phone call from my neighbor when i got home today from fixing cheeses car, saying she is putting her property on the market soon and would like to offer it to me first.
she would have to carry the loan...
how much is property tax in california?
i cant hardly pay a phone bill on time, would she want on time payments?
my landlord never gets his money on time.
is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a lot of money?
i think that works out to thirteen years or so.
whats a good intrest rate?
five percent?
oh, i was in the grocery store on friday and worked out a deal with my old ex park ranger friend.... i'm getting a free dirt bike!
ten percent?
now how does intrest work?
is it ten percent of the value?
ten percent of the time it takes to pay off the loan?
why is my other neighbor think that he is in on the deal?
it has water.
and mad views.
i'm missing out on a blow job/sex/snuggling fot this post.
im not very sleepy.
i just opened another beer.
got some of it on the keyboard.
im so confused.
here in big sur, thats not a lot of money.
i made over sixty five thousand dollars last year.
thats what the i.r.s. thinks.
thats not a lot of money either.
i'm going to have another marlboro.
doesnt that sound good?
my head is pounding.
my dogs snore as load as i do.
cheeses girls talk in their sleep.
do i really want to buy property?
i could never leave then.
what if i die? then what?
i dont have any money.
i dont even have a cell phone in my name.
thats another problem in my life.
if cheese and i were to buy a piece of property together, she would have to get divo--- first.
did i say that?
hey cheese, do you mind if i say that.
ooooh, cheese got bent that i joked about her not having dinner on the plate the other night.
it was a comment reply.
i wasnt being an asshole.
first time ever.
it was a joke.
it was a poem as well.
i wasnt home when she got bent and she forgot all about it.
i had to remind her that she was bent.
i am an also an idiot.
what to think about this new devolopement???
alls i wanted was an H2.
well, i guess i might be able to get a hummer if i go upstairs.
yeah, i'll start there.
wish me luck!
good night.


MJ said...


*runs screaming from the room*

denim said...

i think i know your spell check problem. u using internet explorer? if so, don't. use safari. problem solved.

so this is neighbor's property or landlord's? either way, sweet offer. if i were you, i would try to make it happen. no use paying rent, if you can pay a mortgage.

Kay said...

Uhhhh. Uhhhh. I rent. And what braincells I did have have been killed off.

Cecile said...

Are you serious about all of those questions? I've bought a house, and sold two, so if you need some real answers, email me.

oakland heidi said...

I would shoot you in your face if you didn't. Buy property with Cheese. Don't be an idiot, it would be fantastic. You can do it.


mj: *runs after you with calculator and math questions in hand* help me help me!!!

denim, thanks for the advice! isnt safari a mac thing? i'll see if i can download some shit... it would be the neighbors, 5 acres and two trailers, two 20x20 buildings and some flat spaces... foundations for a 40x40 room and some piping done... the downside? living out of a trailer....

kay! draincells.... ive always rented and have lived free of charge in million dollar homes... would be nice to own... i think...

cecile! very serious... i'll hopefully be talking with her today!! thanks for the availibility!

heidi!!! ouch, youve been hanging out atthe voices for too long! hahahahhahahaaa... jokes, i know you would be quite pissed if i didnt buy it. ill hopefully be talking with her today about meeting up for a dicussion. alot of stars would have to align and fairys would have to sprinkle dust and fingers craossed and all that shit fot it to work out... anyways love to you!

thank you all for commenting!