Thursday, February 14, 2008

is it over yet?

you just cant pay for love these days

just so yall don't think I'm a total schmuck and bah-humbugger on every fucking holiday this world tries to make its inhabitants follow... I've written a small thing for the cheese in my life. ahem...

cheese oh please oh please oh please
wear the socks that go above the knees
i spent the day learning bout birds and bees
so I'm ready to put your mind at ease

the best five minutes you'll ever get
maybe six but i wouldn't bet
just enough to get you wet
i'll be sure to finish don't you fret

see you at home with my pants down low
definetly five if we go real slow
turn on the cam for the late night show
i am all about the love don't you know

so i'll be home soon i hope you can wait
or you have just enough time to masturbate
i hope you will be my long lasting mate
and dinner will hopefully be on the plate

happy thursday and all that shit
i expect when i get home i'll get hit
what else could you want a poem with wit
see what I've done a hole I've dug a deep dark pit


BBC said...

You can't pay for love anymore? Bullshit, that is all many married men are doing.

Things have changed, this world sucks anymore.

Actually, I once bought some love many years ago, it was great. Okay, it was sex, but she was really friendly and a good sales woman and we enjoyed talking for an hour before getting to the sex.

MJ said...

And they say romance is dead!


bbc! great story! ive got friends that sail in your boat.
mj! yer back! im a real sweetie aint i? i wonder what the background music for the poetry should be....

cher said...

awesome poem.
ahhhhhh you are like a breath of fresh air

Anonymous said...

I wish I were more poetic
I could reply in a manner less pathetic.
You may last just for a minute
but that's all it takes just to pin it.
You make me so horny
I get sort of corny.
I like your smile, your eyes and your back
but more than all that I like what you pack.
Happy Thursday Darling.

Kay said...

Awe, you two crazy kids are so damn cute.

MJ said...

Both of you should set these lyrics to music.

Gilbert and Sullivan, Lennon and McCartney, Lerner and Lowe...

You two could be up there with the great songwriting teams.


cheese! a comment! from you! and such sweet words of love! im melting.... ha! thanks babe, dinner was great, even though i had to wait. and no coffee this morning? you must be thinking im boring..
allright i'll stop.

kay! its too much fun over here in crazy town.

mj, i was wondering what kind... wierd classical music or perhaps death metal. i did write a death metal song once...

FirstNations said...

oh holy CRAP.

you wanna see what I got for V-day from my sweet babboo? This link:,_washington_heights.jpg&path=/exhibits/broadband/nudes_01



so was it the paticular photo that loads or one of his originals? what? gimmie more information! i want to know.

Black Egg said...

Hope you had a great Thursday night! Hedging my bets that you did! Love the poem and Cheese's response! I had a wicked Hallmark night (for once) and I loved every minute of it! Whee!

Anonymous said...

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