Tuesday, February 19, 2008

not really a post

i need one of these.


Suzanne said...

I can't believe I'm here. I visited once before and thought "Jeasus Christ," then ran like a maniac. Yes, that's actually what I said out loud. Stop pointing that damn gun at your head. That kills me. And yes, I'm glad you aren't my neighbor. I'd be horrified! We wouldn't be good together honey, even though we can both weld! We are SO different, but here we are. Isn't that funny? Only in Blogger Land!

Okay. First, thanks for your comment on my blog. I couldn't believe it was there! I was checking a number of things and poof, there you were. Who knew you'd have the b****. I didn't. Wow. And if I hadn't checked old posts, I would never have known. Wow. I'm feeling better, thanks. Today isn't so wonderful because from coughing I have a horrible headache, but compared to the past week and a half, I'm doing REALLY WELL!!! Turns out I had/have the flu. It's nasty. Stay as far away as you can. It's absolutely hell. I wouldn't wish it on a single soul. Not even my enemy.

Well, hang in there and do what you do so well. Stop by when you feel the urge and I'll do the same. We'll never agree, you know that? Right? All I ask is that you treat animals and people with kindness and respect. Or at least try.

Take good care of yourself and like I said, get the damn gun away from your head. That'll be a start.

Much love,
Suzanne ;)

Suzanne said...

Just as an aside. As an artist, red doesn't go well with black. Have you noticed? It's garish. Harsh. Hard on the eye. See how it plays trick with you? That's for a reason...they don't belong together! It's a tough combination to not only see, but to relate to. The eye never lies. Never. I may have to stay away just because you don't appreciate color!

Additionally, I read some of your previous posts. The cat crap made me nutty (no I didn't appreciate it). But what's new. I see CSI is here and lovin' it! Typical. Brian is such a sucker. Thank God Cecile lends some insight and backbone. You have a good group...you'll never miss me!



animals yes, always... people get what they deserve from me. hey if your nice, im nice back. if your an ass, i am a raging fucking lunitic in your face until you run, back the hell off or kick my ass. when i was a kid i had a huge mouth(can you imagine?) and used to get the shit kicked out of me. now, not so much. anyway yes thank you too for the post.
the young angel with the wings and the gun pointed at his head, not me. i lifted that picture somewhere off of the deviant art web site. but not only that, it is me sometimes, no worries dont feel like that very often anymore, but i like it there. its a nice reminder of where ive been. i used to put the gun in my mouth during those days, tastes like death.
so what do you weld?


oh no, i havent even had a chance at offending you yet!

and i would have to argue the fact that red and black go along beautifully! even seen blood on a leather jacket?!?! alot of blood?!?!? ive got twenty something stiches in my face to prove that when cut with a knife, blood looks fucking cool running down the front of your leather jacket.. but thats me!
and what cat crap? the picture? or the fact that my dog who was a stray for three years or so had an interest in feline cuisine? i love cats and have several, just not possible at the moment. do come back, if for nothing else you could come and poke fun and see how the rest of us live!!! thanks again for your comment!


err... "have HAD several cats"
damn pinky finger, always clicking the return button too damn fast.

denim said...

whoa whoa whoa, no red and black?!?!? what the hell is goin on over there? what's the movement i'm looking for... constructivism? russian war propaganda posters, black, red, and white. to some, maybe harsh on the eye, for everyone, catches the eye/attention.

anyway, as you can tell, i like the colors. rock on homie.

you should scratch on my battery again, we'll record an album sampler.


that was good timing, could have been minutes later, when recieving some road ahemming from yer lady friend! nothing is worse than having to stop, get out wiggle yer wires so the car ahemming can resume! hope it worked! are you werkin late again today? we need to fix that shit right, no more jangkey fixes on that rig of yers man! thanks for the back up on the red/black issue. what catches the eyes more than blood running down your jacket in the hospital emergency room?

Suzanne said...

You are a jack ass, but you know what? You're lovable. Who knew. You think you can scare me away, don't you? But you can't. You just can't.

Okay, one item at a time. I'm a bit more gentile than you. With both animals and people. We all differ. Thank God.

The gun pointed at the head. I'm glad it isn't you. I'm sad however that you went there. Not a good thing. I'm happy you're past it. Honestly, I am. I worry about people and animals, so it's only natural to worry about you. Now I won't.

Welding. I learned while I was in school at UCLA. My dad and brothers all knew how, but would never teach me. I had to wait to learn in college. Insane. I can weld anything. I love working with steel and do so beauifully. I can both arch an mig weld. I think in my wildest dreams, I would be a sculptor working in steel. Honestly. I grew up around heavy equipment and can operate most of it. I don't know how to repair it as you do, but I do know how to get a bulldozer down the driveway! And my dad gave me instructions over the phone about a year ago on how to drive the tractor trailer when I come home. He assumes that since I drive a 5-speed BMW I know how to shift, so he just gave me the shifting instructions over the phone!!! Can you believe it?! Of course it isn't going to be pretty. Trust me. If we make it out of the driveway it will be a miracle! You ask, why a tractor trailer? I can operate every thing else on our property, but never learned to drive the tractor trailer, so before I die, I want to learn, so Dad said "Of course."

Now you know.

Red and black. We will always disagree and so we should. Some where in the middle is the truth. Take good care of yourself and try not to shed too much blood. That isn't pretty and you make me worry.

Thank God you rescued your dog. I love you for that. And thank God you've loved kitties. Apparently this isn't the time for both, but perhaps in the future.

You see sweetie, we aren't so different.

Much love,


*rubbing hands and still laughing to himself, sits down to comment reply*
suzanne... yer last comment nailed it! even my closest friends arent able to say it like it is sometimes... and happy to say, yes, its true... i am a jackass... cant argue there and thank you for believing that i am loveable as well. much appreciated! glad you came back. only a few diehard readers here and all are truely invited to come back and stay awhile! no matter how much i offened them or them me! cecile vouches for you and yer potty mouth!
so welding it up eh? nice! spent a stint doing that myself and try to steer clear of it if at all possible now. spent so much time behind the "sun" that it makes things hard to see in the dark now... "wear the mask no matter what" didnt really sink in. anyways, must interact in the wheel word at the present