Monday, February 18, 2008


talked with the potential property seller this morning. she will be back in town on wednesday. evening.

"so i'll bring up some tequilla and get you good and drunk..."

"hahaha, maybe i'll just give you the property then!"


*shoulders up, head down, eyes slanted, rubbing hands together, complete with eveil grin*

"good, we will see you wednesday evening..."

one thing i've learned in life is not to get my hopes up. when i want something really bad and stress about it, it never happens. if i dont care and leave things up to themselves, good things happen to me. thats not to say i dont work for the things i have in my life, but i dont get my feathers all fluffed up either... (that would be a chicken reference. spent a lot of time hanging out watching them on sunday.)

so the way i feel about this potential deal is whatever. i dont really give a shit. it seems like it would be a massive headache. stress. which has taken me years to let go of. it affects me horribly.

well, good day to you at this point i dont have much to bitch about....

oh those boys outside cleaning trucks have just found out what rubbing compound is... heh, heh...

"and after you finish washing it, dry it... use this."

hands over rubbing compound.

"its like wax only you have to rub it in a little harder and when you are done with that, buff it off like wax, then wash it again. thoroughly. then wax it and yer done!"

its one of these.


Kay said...

Oh you are SO evil. I love you.

Iksodas said...

Dude.. that poster.. gave me a laugh on a day I really needed one..

Hell, I'm still laughing.. where do you find this stuff?

good luck with the property.. been there, done that.. but I think you've got the location thing going that I didn;t

Homo Escapeons said...

The Danes won the happiest people on Earth award again (USA 23rd) and it is precisely because they have very modest expectations..
so you are definitely on the cutting edge of human psychology.
They obviously have never seen Scarface?
"First choo get da money.."

And 105,000-lb tridems!

FirstNations said...

lets say you get the property. what happens if California drops off into the fricken ocean? will you be an island? Will you have frontage property? will the covenants still apply? can you sub-divide?(get it? in case part of it is underwater, see, and then, you know....subs? and...yeah.)


kay!!!! thank you... i will spare yer soul from pergatory... heaven awaits you!!! unless yer like me, and all yer friends and family will be in hell, so why goto heaven! trying not to get any on you while i love on you too!!!

iksodas. thanks for the kudos! the poster came up on a, funny picture of the day website, that i found through a google image search of "funny shit". hope things are well with you, as you sound a bit strained, and i hope the property works out too. asides from the stars being aligned and the gods looking down on me, the rune stone in my favor, the voodoo doll twisting in the right direction, there would have to be a minor miracle for it to happen!

homo! welcome back!!! wow! thanks for the ego boost. heh heh. cutting edge eh?
*stands up on box so everyone can hear*
heh heh...
*looks around to make sure no one was really watching and slinks back off into anonimity*

nations!!! yaeh i would love to say it would really happen, the sliding into the ocean part. this property come complete with a 70"s mettalic blue jet boat! let the earthquakes begin!!! bring on armeggedon! fucking aliens invade us allready!!! lets party!
*shoots semi-automatic weapon into air, looks up and waits for sheetrock from ceiling to hit him in head*