Thursday, May 15, 2008


its come to my attention that i have not properly welcomed some of my other readers... readers that comment here on a regular to semi regular basis... I'm working on a post that will hopefully rectify that situation.

i think it will be like something that mj did on her blog where she had invited everyone who reads her blog to visit someone else on her blog roll and come back to the comment box to tell of what they learned there...

(yeah mj, I'm stealing your infomaniac ideas, what?)

so for the next two days id like it if you good folks of the voices would visit around and introduce yourselves either via the people in my comment boxes or my blog roll and come back and tell me what you have learned about one another, I'll do a best of post and list the highlights of what you found out... see while you are all doing that i can actually go outside and get some shit done while pretending to be working on a post.... hope it works out, and if anybody is planning on checking out mj, Fridays are good days for special surprises for people walking by your desk and happen to look at your screen... good luck!!!


cher said...

so its sort of like a blogging meet and great, but with less heavy petting?

hnter1018 said...

Boy where does one start. I met IV a long time ago and moved to cali with him. He put up with alot of my shit and was/is a great friend. We had lost touch for alot of years but now I stop by daily to check up on his ass.

OKAY is one of the toughest people I know. She refused to let kancer get the best of her and she is kicking it's ass.

MJ well I haven't read to much of her blog but her pics....holy shit is all I can say.

Suzanne seems like a nice person...she seemed alittle offended by IV at first but seems o.k. with him now. Likes to write...ALOT!!

First Nations I thik has a motherly side to her and likes to keep an eye on IV.

Random Chick....has a nice family and I like her caption contests.

Mr. Schife, Old Knudeson and BBC not quite sure. Have to find more time to read there blog.

Denim and Oakland Heidi know IV and may live around him.

This isn't really to deep just what I see on the surface.

About to tear the basement apart and will go alittle deeper later. I keep promising my wife that too!

Mr. Shife said...

Sounds like a plan. I might have to have a few cocktails before I can summon up the courage to go out and blog a stranger. Look where it got me with Cher. Hope you get some shit done. And I like the picture. I about spit water all over my computer.

MJ said...

Well this is off to a fine start.

I liked the name "Chubby Little Yipster" on your blogroll so I clicked on it.

Lo and behold if it isn't SSA's blog.

I already know her!

I just didn't know she also went by the Yipster moniker.

I'll come back tomorrow and try this again.

MJ said...

And for the love of all that is holy, people, do not click on my blog on a Friday if you value your job.

MJ said...

Okay, just one more.


Kay is kicking cancer’s butt and got a new hairdo and eyebrows to match.

I think someone (not me, I can’t sew) should design her a fabulously stylish hospital gown with marabou feathers.

She drew a picture of Johnny Depp but it doesn’t show his weenie so at that point I lost interest and found a link from Kay’s blog to …


Cher is the devil and appears to be a window licker.

And she mentions MR. SHIFE (whom I already know.)

But this I didn’t know… Mr. Shife is the fake father for Cher’s fake virtual bastard love child that doesn't exist.

I am learning so much!

Thanks, Voices!

Suzanne said...

Well I visited hnter1018 because he mentioned my name. You know that took courage because I'm not a hunting fan. He seems like a good guy. I'm waiting for a reply. Oh, I guess I should check his blog! I learned he's your good friend. I'll let you know when I have more details.

And thanks for your support and swift kick in the ass. I'm on my way to the emergency room in a few hours. Cross your fingers I'm not completely screwed.

Love ya,(is that okay to say on your blog?)


cher said...

mj - so what are you saying?
you wanna fight?
bring it on.
lets see how awkward i can make this.

oh, and did you know that i full on, fake love Mr.Shife and I'm having his fake baby?

oh, that's right, you did.

and i get it. it's ok I would have chosen me too.

de ja vu

ok, maybe not.

false de-ja-vu alarm people
back to work.

if this had been a real alarm...

so, um....ya.
i guess i'm done.

Sometimes I think about drunk dialing myslef.
maybe. But I still do.
I wonder if I'd answer?

As you were so to speak

Leah said...

I took this to heart, and went to visit first nations, the intriguingly charismatic commenter. Her blog didn't disappoint. I only went a few posts back, and already encountered platypuses, home-made tortillas described as "hot frisbees of death that weigh about a pound each," and Nietzsche. Yes, all that and more. Love it.

Leah said...

That picture is hilarious.

Just Bob said...

What I learned today:

MJ wants my tie (and probably me) in a wonderfully delightful way;

Lela wants my tie (and probably not me) in an artistic way;

Inner Voices wants my tie (and hopefully not me) in a strangely jealous way;

Random Chick is someone I've added to my Google Reader because she's worth keeping an eye on;

Old Knudsen is an acquired taste... not too sure about him yet;

cher might be the person to whom I'm most similar, without the preoccupation for nutmeg.

I'll spend some more time getting to know more of you, but there's only so much goofing off time during the workday.

MJ said...

Bob: I want the following from you...

a) your tie
b) a photo of your bare bottom

That is all.

All my other needs are taken care of, thank you very much.

Just Bob said...

Your needs may be taken care of... but what about your wants???


hmmmm... is this now becoming a dating site as well???

Just Bob said...

LOL... you don't need to worry about that, just take a look at me.

Suzanne said...

This will be a tame compared with all the sex on this comment page, but I'll write it in any event. I met hnter1018 to step outside my comfort zone. He wrote a wonderful post explaining his point of view and his love of nature. He's a great guy and I have a lot of respect for him. I think we've found friendship.

Thank you Zack. This was a brilliant idea.


Suzanne said...

Should be "compare to," and the "a" is completely unnecessary.

Oh, and Zack, party at the Cafe. Everyone's dancing with you, but I don't think you've arrived yet! I have no idea who the guy in the black trench coat is, but I think he might be an impostor. I'm just going to sit on the sofa and wait for you to arrive, then watch the fireworks from my front row seat.


P.S. I think I was on your blog for appox. 20 minutes. What do your stats reveal? Am I close? Yes, now I have to think about this shit too! No wonder I almost have a freakin' stroke!