Tuesday, May 27, 2008


go here and read this... someone saying nice things about me... im beaming and it has made my day!!!


MJ said...

"I love bananas"... I bet you do.

Beast usually keeps one stuffed up his arse if you're feeling peckish.

Anonymous said...

Now I really want to bring the Hubby to visit you and Cheese...you can show us how to use a chainsaw and we can all do shots! Awesome!

MJ said...

It may be time for you to take out an insurance policy before Random shows up.

Cecile said...

Gosh, I think Kay must be taking too much pain medication. No one could like you that much. (JUST KIDDING!!) I'm sure you deserved every good compliment she typed about you. Becareful with those bananas, someone might slip.

FirstNations said...

bitch, are you OFF THE GRID?
i may consider worshipping you.

of course, I have been drinking. even so. mos' excellent! that's the way we should ALL be living. dammit, i'm only at the 'closed system gardening' thing so far and your ass has turkeys and be all with the firewood and the solar pumps and motherfuck? *slinks off in disgrace*

MJ said...

Do you have a toilet planter?