Thursday, May 22, 2008


i was checking this guys website out the other day and i really liked this photo above... but its digital! its black and white, why not shoot film??? i try not to buy digital. color photos are one exception, or if i really like the image/artist/model etc... but why waste a great shot on digital??? photographers, please bring your film cameras to the job, when you capture that special moment on your "chimp camera" please remember to use your "real camera "to capture the moment again!!! sorry if its an insult to your art but i really would rather have a platinum or silver print on the wall... i know that this is becoming the preferred way to shoot these days and it gets the shots that are desired and manipulation is easier and lighting is easier and everything is easier... but it doesn't make it worth as much if everything is easier.. thank you... this has been a message from one concerned collector...

jacked here in the office today... every body wants my attention. I'm having to decide if I'm going to remove the transmission from our crane and deliver it to the repair shop myself or have another company do it. the difference is about four thousand dollars... four days of my life and two trips to beautiful gilroy... anybody wanna help out and remove a twelve hundred pound transmission with me??? it looks just like this one...


hnter1018 said...

What time should I be there. I'm sure MJ will come along with her whip to make sure no one slacks and if they do they might get a stiletto somewhere they don't wnat it.

If you bring it yourself can you charge half price and put two grand in your pocket.

Check your email too

MJ said...

Whoa! I wanna drive an Omega 20 up and down the coast.

And pop wheelies!

*sharpens stiletto heels and looks sternly at slack-arsed workers*

Lela said...

Dude... I don't know her... but I'm SOOO with MJ!!

And, THANK YOU for saying outloud, what many of us other film lovers would LOVE to scream to the rooftops!

Long live the film photographer!

and... yeah.. that image.. AWESOME! I like your taste! :)


oakland heidi said...

I am allllll about the film. I just don't love digital. It doesn't feel as real.... I will never give up my film camera.


oakland heidi said...
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HNTR ive decided to do the job my self... now this is no easy task... ive got to grade a flat/level area and put down some traffic plates.(so that i can slide the transmission jack around that im going to build this week) then park it over said level spot, take the transmission out. which entails god knows how many hours of cursing and smashing and bashing...
while i have it out and being serviced i'll be replacing the boom hoist seals, another marvel of engineering to get this done... while im happly doing all this ive volunteered to remove the turret swing cylinders as welll. there has been a leak and this thing that wont stop. i'll basically have this crane in seven hundred peices for close to a month... then i'lll put it back together and have exactly three parts left over that i'll have no idea where they go... i'll need some high heeled mammas around to keep the job moving forward...

the problem with all this?!?!? more working less blogging!

mj, thats why im yanking the drive train out of this... its losing its power to even drive up hill, but id imagine if you sported some heels there would be some "wheelies" popping around this yard!

lela, thanks for the back up on that... i hope i dont offend any of my photog friends(hi iksodas) i did just buy some digital prints this week, so i might come off hypocrytical but i still need to stand on a soap box every now and then!!

im with you heidi, i still shoot with my n60 and get good photos with the abilty to oggle every frame as it happens...

comment deleted, if you dont have anything nice to say then dont!!! oh you didnt... thank you.



*punches self in head for not proofreading comment again*

Iksodas said...

Been holding off, just to give everyone else a chance.

My Short Answer? Yeah, I'm with ya.

The slightly longer answer?

I love my Film. .for black and white, where I can control the printing process. I wont' do color film, or even Sepia tone black and whites. The Chemicals, are just nasty.. Cancerous, and can be absorbed thru the skin.. But shouldnt you be willing to die for your art? Me? yeah.. ok.. if I have to. .but. .sorry, aint gonna hug my kids with even a chance of having that crap on me.

Digital.. hmmm.

ok, the example you pointed to? Good stuff, and by the square format ,I'm guessing these may have come out of a mid-5 digits camera, one that you can swap the back out of and go from film to digital in about 30 seconds. So, he could have gone film, if he really wanted to, the film back cost for that camera is 500 bucks. Digitial back for that camera? 12,000 bucks. So, it wasn't money holding him back.

Yes, I use digital, I even shoot BW mode some times. But, I really try to reserve the Dig for color work, or scenarios where film would struggle, or worse. .where I may chance loosing a camera like over the water. .Likewise certain scenarios (like my really grainy stuff) digital is a struggle.

I also Do all digital, even black and white, if its going to a print publication. they like a mediocre dig, right of the cam much better then scanning a negative.

And to a bigger concern.. One, that never is raised.

digital. .gives you unlimited shots, and an opportunity to review your work on the spot Film does not. If you were to compare it to shotguns.. Digital is a gas autoloader 12 gauge goose gun, and Film is a single shot, breech load 410.

I don't mind saying, film takes more skill. it does to shoot it. Post processes for each (darkroom or photoshop) are really different art forms..

What I'm hoping is some day that digital artists are recognized seperately from photographers.. Especially when what they saw in the view finder ends up being so different then the finished result.

Digital imaging (notice I didn't call it photoraphy?) is art. Film photography is art. .

and hopefully in 5 to 10 years, they will be recognized as seperate, but closely related forms.


iksodas... thank you for your comment and professional imput! i agree there is a proper time and place for each instrument... hard to shoot a wedding using film these days as clients want a thousand photos to choose from and a slide show happening at the dinner afterwards... and i also agree, each is its own artform... awesome and thanks again!