Friday, May 16, 2008

SORRY KIDS! IM HAVING TO EXTEND THE "MEET AND GREET" FOR AT LEAST ONE MORE DAY! WORK AND PLAY ARE GETTING IN THE WAY OF POSTING... PLEASE GO AND MEET SOME OF MY BLOGGING FRIENDS! i think cher has found a new friend in mj and i know bob is enjoying her as well! so peruse and carouse!!!


MJ said...

Let's all mingle while Voices is away.

Cocktails, anyone?

A word with you first, Voices.

Exactly what do you mean by "enjoying her"? You make everything sound so dirty.

Hello Cher! Hi Bob!

Just Bob said...

Greetings and salutations MJ... it only has to be dirty if you want it to be.

MJ said...

I’ve just visited Mike at the Cachagua Store.

He’s a chef (he should meet Infomaniac’s resident waiter, Manual), he reads obscure Ian Rankin Scottish detective novels, is the world’s worst swimmer AND world’s worst photographer, his former brother-in-law barfed on Dianne Feinstein's shoes, he counts wildflowers (there’s a Monty Python line I could use here but I’ll refrain), and … bonus … he’s Irish!

Bob, you’re incorrigible.

MJ said...

I've just returned from a visit to Cecile.

No, I'm not doing this alphabetically. It just worked out that way.

Anyway, she has a picture of dogs humping! It's obscene I tell you. Obscene!

And you thought Filthy Friday was bad.

Cecile said...

I got a visit from MJ! Man she was SMOKIN'! We lit up, and exchanged Whoppers and it was fun. I think I'll go visit Bob next. Hey Bob, do you take Enzyte?

cher said...

Bob, you're enjoying me? Why am I always the last to know anything?

I'm annoying myself today. I can't seem to stop. Even right now, I'm wishing I'd shut up.

blah blah blah...

there i go again.

BEAST said...

Lets vadalise some stuff while Voices isn't here.
Miss MJ you go play with these matches....the rest of you make yourselves useful with this spray paint

Kookaburra said...


Today I visited:

Black Egg
hntr 1018

Cheers, Mark.

Suzanne said...

I did my duty and found a friend. Hnter 1018. I'm not going any further. I like him...I'll stick with him.


P.S. Cher, MJ and Just Bog (whoops, Bog), (whoops BOB!!!), get a room.

hnter1018 said...

I like Suzanne. Lets see where did I go this weekend I went Suzannes (which I do often, she just doesn't know.) I think the roses she grows are awesome. I can't grow a rose bush to save my life.

I stopped by Bobs, OKAYS, MJ's, Random Chicks, recylcled chaos, Mr Shifes and another I think.

The blogging world is almost exhibitionist/voyuer(sp?) type world. I am on the voyuer end of things. I look mostly, where others who post daily are exhibitionists.

MJ said...

Suzanne: Your blog is beautiful and it smells good too.

Hnter1018: I visited your blog but didn't comment. Does that make me both a voyeur (for looking but not commenting) AND an exhibitionist (for posting daily)?

Beast: Let's pee on Voices' pot plants.

hnter1018 said...

MJ I have thought about that too. You can enjoy both worlds but you tend to favor one. I think you favor the exhibitionist side of things...I look more than i post so I am the opposite.

MJ said...

Beast: Did you see that?

Hnter1018 just called me an exhibitionist! The nerve!

Let's bare our bottoms at him, shall we?

hnter1018 said...

MJ left you a little something over on my side.

Suzanne said...

hnter, I alerted you it should have been left for me too! You'll see. I have to go feed the ferals so I'm typing so fast. I'll write more later.

MJ I'll stop by, thank for the kind words.

Zack, thank you for this. It's been wonderful.


FirstNations said...

I haven't visited anybody because I'm a rebel. And you can't make me either. Buncha lowlifes (mj, et al)
Mainly just checking in to let you know I've been reading and I am alive etc. crapola.
Sweetheart, you have been through some changes recently, haven't you? sonofaBITCH, y'all. you have my mail.

Random Chick said...

OH MAN! I missed the party....:-(