Tuesday, May 06, 2008

since ive been so crass this week!!!

Was just trying to make the people at work blow coffee from their noses with this picture!!!!

and a boy can dream cant he.....


Random Chick said...

How about a Tshirt that says, "ASS. For Exit Only!" Mommy says: A poop shoot is not for screwing.


hahaha, ive got a photo of britany spears crying with the caption: "but, i poop from there!"

yeah, its funny, men think they want it, so they tell their buddies about it at the gym, but its an aquired taste, if you know what i mean! ahahahahahahaaa

but... if you excuse me...

*walks away with tears in his eyes from trying no to laugh*

FirstNations said...

lets see. three holes per girl, average.
1. the right one
2. the other right one
3. the one poop come out of

...and yet, here's this...slogan.

and men wonder why women think they're kinda dumb. sheesh.

Random Chick said...

We think men are kinda dumb? Well, yes! LOL!

Mr. Shife said...

I like to wear that shirt to my Sex Addicts meetings. I alternate that one with my "I Am Hung Like a Five-Year-Old" shirt.

BEAST said...

What the girls dont get
Is we are dumb

And proud of it

****quashes beer can on head***