Monday, May 12, 2008


its Monday. typical Monday.

"this truck wont start."

"where are the keys for this?"

"what am i doing today?"

"this truck is making some crazy noise in the front end!"

"que pasa?"

"who took my truck?"

"the baby is coming in today..."

"what kind of oil does this take?"

"what happened to the chainsaw?

"are there no more waters?"

"dude, I'm so hung over... I'm still drunk."

"what did you do this weekend."

"i don't even want to fucking be here..."

"como estas?"

"this coffee tastes like shit."

what are some typical Monday morning things you all might hear, in your office, home, on your highway drive?

p.s. i'll be getting to the commentsie backsies hopefully later. thank you all.


MJ said...

I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday.

cher said...

"oh, no, i totally remember we have an appointment, i've just been so busy, i haven't had time to get dressed" well, that is normally said by me. people don't normally show up to my house in their PJ's

hmmm. funny post though! i am trying to think what would be said around here. Well, at some point, I am GUARENTEED to say "HURRY UP! WE ARE LATE!"
or "PLEASE leave mummy alone for 5 minutes while the cafine kicks in. PLEASE!"

oakland heidi said...

"This is Renee Montagne, and I'm Steve Inskeep..."

"A 7.8 earthquake has rocked China."

"I just finished defending my PhD, so we are headed to the outer banks for the weekend...."

"Is this local milk?"

"I saw three hotties with their shirts off on my way to work this morning."

"This is the CW, next stop Weaver street market."

"We're headed to a Division of Student Affairs meeting. See you later?"

"Mmmmm... hmmmmm.... How bout them tar heels?"

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry I've been MIA I was sick all weekend...I know it sucked.

How come you didn't do any doodles? I did all mine at once which was good because I could just post them real quick and not have to think about anything to blog about...

Okay, typical Monday morning stuff...go here:

Mr. Shife said...

Do you want to super size that?

Mr. Shife said...

My other favorite: Do you want a happy ending?

Suzanne said...

Well, we both work at home, so the conversations are different than they would be in an office. For instance, I heard Rob say to the kitties and dog upon my return from feeding the ferals this morning, "Oh no, Mommy's home." Hummmmm?

We've all heard way too many times to mention "Will all of you just get the hell out of my office!" No one leaves.

The litter boxes are all in Rob's office in a huge closet and we've heard after a very smelly deposit "Oh yeah, this is a professional office."

We've heard, "Newman, get off my keyboard. No Newman, get off my transcripts too. Newman damn it, get off my damn papers, Daddy's gotta make a living. Okay Newman, get the hell out of my office. Okay, just stay right there and you'll be fine."

We've heard "I took a high pressure job just to get away from the stress at home."

We've heard, "If someone doesn't shut the fuck up I'm going to go ballistic."

Nope, not your typical office banter, but certainly ours!


kylie said...

como estas
kylie, what are you doing today?
i dont wanna go to school
i hate school
you never let me stay home
the weekend was too short
we dont have any bread
can you sign this note?

Mark said...

The bloody train was late / cancelled again!!

I couldn't get a seat

Oooh, it's only Monday :(

It's already Tuesday!!

Only four more days 'til the weekend!

The elevator is stuck again

Eew , the milk's gone off

Coffee...I need a coffee

Gig said...

What day is it?
Where are my keys?
Honey, can you find *whatever* before you leave for work?
Where are my scissors,damn, I am really late for work!!

This is way too funny, but oh so true of how many mornings go around here,LOL

Robyn said...

Oh how I have missed this blog! It is wonderful to be back blogging! Just wanted to pop in and say hello!


mj, "cause thats my monday..."

cher, "give mummy five minutes..." so true, so true...

oakland, saw your folks on satuday... good to see good people.... what exactly is a "tar heel" asides from a spots team!?!?

random! i knew i could not have been the only one in the world with a post about mondays, hahahahhaaa... thanks for commenting!

mr. shife, would that be a super sized happy ending?

suz! nice office banter... home offices are quite the different environment arent they?!?! thanks for the comment!

kylie, the joys of signing the note last minute eh? we get that one alot... "can you sign this? i need five dollars for the thing tonight... you are coming right?" oh yeah... how often do we hear that...

mark, welcome back, how true is it in city life where much of the mornings revolve around, trains and elevators and coffee eh? nice additions to the post, thank you!!!

gig! great! funny stuff... the "can you do ______ before you go to work?" oh yeah, thats every morning at my house as well!

robyn, glad you are back too! what do you hear on monday mornings?

cher said...

a super sized happy ending! hahaha!!


cher, at 7-11 they call it a "big gulp", i wonder if that still applies?!?!?