Tuesday, May 27, 2008


kids, sorry about having the same post up for five days now, but I'm cranking busy... "yeah yeah" , you say... "whats new about that?" this is the week of the beginning of the crane tear down... I've got cheeses dad, aka "the big cheese" coming in on Thursday and need to have everything ready for the transmission removal...

and just in case you thought you were productive this weekend I'll remind you that i hauled eight hundred pounds of dirt five hundred yards up a mountainside by hand, cut and bucked seventeen trees, saved our ailing male turkey, entertained friends and cooked omelettes, drove children to and from, got drunk several times, took cheese on a motorcycle ride, cut a nice slice into my calf with a broken madrone branch, and saved the planet...

so yeah...

I'll try to be back later this afternoon, until then lets hear what you did this weekend!!


cher said...

~man you make me feel lazy. so what did i do you ask?
~i think i may or may not have had sex on a hotel porch downtown victoria on saturday night.
~almost put our 2 year old house on the market again and almost made an offer on someplace that needs so much work it would have been a complete joke for a lazy assed, unmotivated mofo like me.
~i pretended to enjoy my parents company.
~i had the flu so bad i think there is still a chunk of something in my throat.
~decided i am so close to a fraction of myself that i considered just going with it and being full on annoyed by myself too. i am so good at annoying people, i may as well make me my next project.


nice!, cheese will be full on jealous of your porch sex!!! she only got some half-awake morning wood... and she is not a morning person in that respect!

(love you cheese)

sounds like a busy weekend for you to then! thanks for the comment!

hnter1018 said...
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hnter1018 said...

saturday went out to the woods for the final day of the season
came home and did yard work, mowed, tended to the garden and such
saturday night I had a couple opf drinks and was alseep by 8:30
sunday I got into the basement and tore it apart so I can finish it and make a playroom for the kids
that night jacob was grouchy and was up from 12 to 2:30 before he finally blew chunks all over me and christie and himself
sat with him most of the day while Christie worked in the yard

I think she got the easier part of it


hntr, aaaahhhh... the joys of child rearing... and then they hit about twelve and start hating you, "cause you never do anything for them" hahahahaaa... sounds like a nice weekend overall though... and i bet you wouldnt change much about it, cept the vomit...

denim said...

-worked on friday
-spent saturday being a lazy slob, but did take a walk to molera after steak and eggs at the RI
-worked a bit on sunday, saw a shitty movie (iron man)

~pissed my gf off somewhere in here~

-worked on monday, went down to the bench after a fight, driving back home fought for a little over an hour on the phone, drove back to town had a killer dinner at peppers but DIDN'T fight, slept in town and now i'm still here

shoulda came over!

Cecile said...

I read the book "Map of Bones", did 4 loads of laundry, 2 loads of dishes, vacummed out the pool, went swiming with the kids, blogged on blogger, swept and moped the entire house, cleaned the shower, and lots of other stuffs. blah, blah, blah, SEX, bla,blaSeX, bla

Just Bob said...

Saturday... chores, chores, more chores
Sunday... worked
Monday... vegged, NCAA Lacrosse Finals and Stanley Cup Game #2.

Suzanne said...

I'm with Cece. Yeah, so, show me what you got babe. You got nottin' on me.